AB RIPPER X Workout Review

The AB RIPPER X is designed to be the Best AB Workout. The AB RIPPER X is becoming popular because of the success of its predecessor, Tony Horton P90 X Ab Ripper 100/120. This new edition of Ab Ripper, The AB RIPPER X was designed for people who did not get good results from the first Ab Ripper version. This best ab workout promises high degrees of effectiveness and fast results.

Tony Horton designed the AB Ripper X as the best Ab Workout and Exercise that you can do inside your home.

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If you want to burn body fat fast, then you can try out the Ab Ripper X workout. The Ab Ripper X is composed of 11 exercises having 25 reps each. Each exercise has different variations and difficulty to get your body pushed to its limits. Each exercise is needed to produce the “Muscle Confusion” effect. This effect speeds up the metabolism and never allows the body to reach a certain plateau while exercising.

Just for starters, the Ab Ripper X is not intended to people who suffer back pain and spinal injuries.

The Ab Ripper X workout focuses on core strength by maximizing the use of the movement of your hips to your chest. The Ab Ripper X contains simple yet very effective exercises, however doing all these exercises in one time can be a little difficult and painful especially at the start of the program.

The Ab Ripper X part 1 and Ab Ripper X part 2 should be done every other day. This program has 11 exercises with 25 repetitions each. Estimated time to finish the AB ripper X workout is 16 to 20 minutes.

Here is the list of the AB RIPPER X Exercises:

Tony Horton’s The AB RIPPER X Workout Routine.


ü  AB RIPPER X Workout 1: Chest & Back

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ü  AB RIPPER X Workout 2: Plyometrics

ü  AB RIPPER X Workout 3: Shoulders & Arms

ü  AB RIPPER X Workout 4: Yoga X

ü  AB RIPPER X Workout 5: Legs & Back

ü  AB RIPPER X Workout 6: Kenpo X

ü  AB RIPPER X Workout 7: X Stretch

ü  AB RIPPER X Workout 8: Core Synergistics

ü  AB RIPPER X Workout 9: Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps

ü  AB RIPPER X Workout 10: Back & Biceps

ü  AB RIPPER X Workout 11: Cardio X

ü  AB RIPPER X Workout 12: Ab Ripper X


So if you want to have a flat stomach in a short time, try out Tony Horton’s Ab Ripper X.

The Ab Ripper X video is sold in online stores and is shown in many infomercials.


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