AB RIPPER X Workouts and Exercises

The AB RIPPER X is said to be one of the Best Ab Workouts today. It was designed by Tony Thorton particularly to those people who does not have good results in his previous Ab Ripper workout called Tony Horton P90 X Ab Ripper. Many people say that the AB Ripper X is the AB Ripper Part 2.

Thought the AB Ripper X workout terms its exercises differently, many people believed that this Ab exercise is truly revolutionary and new. But if you would see the Ab Ripper video, you can see that the AB Ripper X is just a series of the best Ab workouts and exercises. The Ab Ripper X is combined the different effects of these effective Ab Workouts to create muscle confusion.

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The Ab Ripper X was designed to work the 3 muscle groups of the abdomen namely the Transverse Abdominis, the Rectus Abdominis, and the Obliques. The Ab Ripper X is said to strengthen these Ab muscles and one session of this Ab Ripper X Workout can burn as much as 600 Calories.

The Ab Ripper X Workout only needs around 15-20minutes to complete. It is composed of 11 of the Best Ab Workouts and Exercises to help you have a flat stomach fast. And since you are required to do one Ab Exercise after the other, your heart rate is consistently raised allowing you to burn more body fat and calories.

Benefits of the AB RIPPER X Workout

Aside from helping you have a flat stomach in 90 days, the AB Ripper X has other health benefits. It burns a lot of calories and body fat in the abdomen, thus lessening the risk of cardio vascular diseases. The Ab Ripper X also strengthens the core, thus allowing you to have better posture, stability and balance. It also gives you better lung functions, thanks to a stronger diaphragm.

But the Ab Ripper X is not for every body. This Ab Workout should be done atleast every other day. It is not advisable to people with low pain tolerance or those who are suffering from back, neck, abdomen and spinal injuries.

Here are the Types of the Best Ab Workouts and Exercises used in the AB RIPPER X Video. 

AB Ripper X Exercises


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  • Crunch Type Exercises

The first 3 Ab Exercises in the AB Ripper Workout Video are Crunch Exercises. This Ab Exercises are the IN and OUT Exercise, the Seated Bicycle Exercise and the Crunchy Frog. These 3 Ab exercises are done while you are balanced on your tailbone.


  • Reverse Crunch Exercises

The Ab Ripper workout also uses different variation of the Reverse Crunch exercise. Reverse Crunch Exercises used in the AB Ripper DVD are: Fiffer Scissor, Hip Rock and Raise, and Pulse Ups. Reverse Crunch exercises are done when your upper body remains flat on the floor while your lower body is raised towards your Abs.


  • Sit Up Exercises

The Ab Ripper uses 3 Sit Up exercises, the Crossed/Wide Leg Sit Ups, Roll Up/V Up Combo and the Leg Climb. These Sit Up Exercises are done when you are lying with your back on the ground, then raising your upper body in a seating position.


  • Oblique Exercises

There are 2 Oblique Exercises in the Ab Ripper video, the Oblique V Up, and the Mason Twist.


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