BELVIQ Diet Pill Weight Loss Results Based on Trials

Belviq is one of the recent diet pills approved for sale in the the US. This is a prescription drug and is intended to help obese patients or those who are overweight and are at risk of heart attack, diabetes, stroke and others.

Belviq or Lorcaserin is not for sale for over the counter basis and is not offered in any online stores.

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Belviq Weight Loss

Belvi was approved by the FDA not only because of its weight loss results but also because of its safety profile.

There were 2 major clinical trials for Belviq and it involves thousands of people who took this weight loss pill for a significant mount of time.

The first FDA clinical trial for Belviq includes 4008 people. This test was done for one year.

Another trial consists of 3,182 volunteers. People under this FDA test are monitored for 2 years under Lorcaserin.

Based on these 2 trials, the weight loss potential for Belviq was recorded. It was found out that:

  • 47% off people under Belviq for a year or so can lost 5% of their body weight 
  • 22% off people lost more than 10% of their body weight after taking lorcaserin for more than a year
  • 22% Patients on the first stude and 8% from the second study who took exercise and diet alone lost signifant amount of weight after a year
  • Weight loss using Belviq can be maintained. This is based on the 2 year clinical study

Belviq is adviced to be taken together with a good diet and regular exercise to get maximum results in terms of weight loss. Aside from weight loss, patients can help reduce blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure is taken with diet and exercise.

In another clinical trial, Belviq was used on diabetic patients. There were 604 overweight patients with type 2 diabetes who were asked to take Belviq for a certain amount of time. 37.5%  of these patients lost 5% of their original weight after taking Belviq regularly and participated in weight loss diets and exercises.

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