BELVIQ Price: How much does Belviq Cost?

June 27, 2012 marked one of the biggest days in Arena Pharmaceutical’s history for this was the day the FDA has finally given this company the go signal to sell and market their breakthrough diet pill, BELVIQ.

Belviq was for a while known as LORQESS.

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What is Belviq?

Belviq is the newest diet pill that has been given an FDA Approval for the treatment of Obesity and to fight weight loss. The last time the FDA gave this same approval for a weight loss pill was 13 years ago for the case of Xenical ( Orlistat).

The Generic Name for BELVIQ is LORCASERIN. It works as an appetite suppressant that allows patients to feel full or satisfied thus allowing them to eat less amounts of food or avoid certain food cravings.

Based on clinical studies, almost half of the patients who took BELVIQ lost 5% of their starting body weight after taking Lorcaserin for one year. The average pounds lost by each of these patients are around 12 pounds.

But per FDA Approval, it states that once out in the market, patients who would not lose 5% of their body weight for the next 12 weeks or 3 months while on BELVIQ should stop taking this weight loss medication in order to avoid serious side effects.


BELVIQ PRICE: Belviq costs like a Venti Latte in New York.

After the announcement of the FDA Approval, people started to ask questions about the price of Belviq and when will it be available in the US market.

It is now known that Arena Pharmaceuticals, the makers of Beviq, has partnered itself with Esai to market and distribute Belviq in the US. What’s still not clear is how much would it cost and when will it be made available in drugstores and pharmacies in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and the rest of the world.

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A teaser from one of Arena’s executives was later noted on a CNBC interview that the RETAIL PRICE for Belviq is comparable to the “cost of a Venti Latte in New York.”

A Venti Latte in New York costs $3.57.

But the real question still remains, how much do BELVIQ really cost?

See, Belviq should be taken 2 tablets a day. It is still unclear whether the “cost of a Venti latte in New York” applies for the retail price of Belviq per tablet or the treatment cost of Belviq per day for 2 tablets a day.

Was the teaser meant for the retail price of Belviq at 3.57 dollars per tablet?  or

Does it mean that the treatment cost for Belviq for one day is at 3.57 dollars for 2 tablets or 1.785 dollars a tablet?

Here is our computation based on different assumptions for the treatment cost of Belviq for one year.

Assumption #1

  • For a 3.57 dollars a pill and be taken for 2 tablets a day, the cost of the Belviq treatment could reach 2,606.1 dollars.

3.57 dollars x 2 tablets a day x365 days in a year = 2,606.1 dollars

Assumption # 2

  • As for treatment cost, for 3.57 dollars for 2 tablets ( or 1.785 dollars), the yearly Belviq cost could reach 1,303.05 dollars

1.785 x 2 tablets a day x 365 days in a year = 1,303.05 dollars

*please note that figures are only based on different assumptions and official prices or Belviq are still not announced.

Final prices for BELVIQ should be out in 4 to 6 months time. Arena and Esai are taking their time in making plans for the successful launch of this new diet pill.

With the right pricing and marketing strategy, Belviq has he potential to claim the title of the fastest new drug to reach the billion dollar mark.


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  2. Let say if I bought online, can it be send safely to me direct without query or custom clearance as I am living in Sarawak, malaysia. I understand qsymia can only be ordered by pharmacy or doctor that had the qsymia training. Tks.i

    • Hi rosy, yes you are correct. Only doctors with Qsymia training are allowed to prescribe this new diet pill. How ever, you can’t buy Qsymia in any online pharmacy. Only Walgreens and CVS pharmacy are allowed to mail Qsymia in the US and US territories. Qsymia is not yet sold anywhere else even in Europe, South America, Canada, Australia, and Asia.

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