Can Drinking Water Help You Lose Weight?

Does Water Diet Really Work?

Can drinking water help you lose weight?

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Yes it is true. Drinking water can make you lose weight. You can even lose 5 pounds in a month just by drinking 2 cups of water before every meal.


Drinking Water and Weight Loss

A study presented in Boston in 2010 pitted 2 groups that were given low calorie diets for 12 weeks.

The first group was given to cups of water to drink before each meal, while the other group did not.

After 12 weeks, the water drinkers lost an average of 15 pounds while the other group only lost an average of 11 pounds. The first group even kept the weight off for a year even the study has ended.

Simply put, 2 cups of water before a low calorie meal could make you lose 5 pounds in a month.


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How Does Water Help Lose Weight?

 Simple, water has no calories and easily fills up the stomach making you fill full fast and less hungry.

Drinking 2 cups of water before every meal will help you consume fewer calories.

Do you want to lose weight fast? Don’t go for those fruit drinks and iced tea that are rich in sugar. Go for plain water instead.

It is now clear. Water Diet is the key for you to lose 5 pound fast and easy. Drink up to a healthier you!!!

 Which one is better for weight loss, Cold or Warm Water?

 Water is water. Either cold or warm, it is good for the body.

Some studies say that cold water is absorbed more easily by the stomach, burns more calories and enhance fat burning.

Warm or room temperature water on the other hand is easier to drink.

If water is not your thing, add some slices of lemon to a pitcher of water to add some flavor. Just avoid adding sugar and other sweeteners.

Other Health Benefits of Water

  • Water is the best beauty product; it can make your skin healthy and glowing.
  • Water improves muscle tone, now you can exercise more and lose weight fast, for your muscles can contract more easily now that it is hydrated properly.

Drink lots of Water everyday and Lose weight fast…Lose weight easy. Lose 5 pounds in a month!

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