Can Swimming Help You Lose Weight?

Swimming is a great cardiovascular exercise that enhances your overall fitness and well being. Swimming is also a great exercise to help you lose weight fast. Because swimming, particularly if done via Circuit Training, can help you strengthen your muscles, as well as burning excess calories and body fats. This will now answer your question, “Can Swimming Help You Lose Weight?”.  Yes, try out swimming exercises particularly those executed in Circuit Training to help you lose weigh and burn calories.

Calories Burned While Swimming

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By doing swimming exercises for almost an hour, a 160 pound person can burn as much as 511 Calories. Burning calories by swimming may be affected however by your current body weight. The heavier you are, the more calories you will burn by Swimming. This means if you are 200 pounds, you can burn 630 calories in an hour, while an hour of swimming can burn 760 calories in a man weighting in at around 240 pounds. If you love to swim, and eat low calorie foods, doing regular exercises, it is possible to lose 5 pounds in a week by swimming for an hour a day.

Swimming is a great weight loss exercise. This is an exercise that uses most of the muscle groups of your body. Aside from that, moving and doing exercises underwater is more difficult, where water provides 14% more resistance as compared to doing exercises in dry land.

Swimming Health Benefits

Not only is swimming a good weight loss exercise, there are also lots of other health benefits that one can get by doing this exercise.

Swimming is a good therapy for people who are suffering from joint pains, rheumatism and other forms of acute pain and chronic pain. Swimming is a low impact activity, making it an ideal workout for the elderly.

Swimming also improves your cardiovascular endurance. It also helps in strengthening and toning your muscles, particularly in your thigh, legs, and arms.

Swimming is also a good way to relax. It can ease your mind from stress and depression.

Swimming to Lose Weight

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Swimming an hour a day can help you burn 511 Calories. For a more effective weight loss exercise, you can do weight or strength training while swimming. You can also use resistance bands for a more challenging weight loss program. Aside from swimming to lose weight, you can do other healthy activities in the swimming pool such as water aerobics, water yoga, deep water running and water walking.

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