A Shelter Dog Rescued Me – Let Your Pet Help You To Lose That Weight Fast

You love your dog to bits, and rightly so because dogs are part of the family. But there is one thing often overlook by dog parents and it’s this – your dog can be the key to your weight loss. Not only are they dear, super lovable, they can help you too in achieving the […]

HICT High Intensity Workout Training:7 Minute Exercise to Lose Weight Fast!

High Intensity Circuit Training or HICT is one of the fastest trending weight loss exercise today. With its popularity some claims that this is becoming the new FAD weight loss exercise. But due to some of its health benefits, many claims that the HICT is a legit exercise for weight loss and better health. One of […]

Top Exercises For Butt: How to get a Firm Butt

Having a firm butt is a dream for most of us. If you want to feel and look good, then the butt is probably one of the body parts that you should exercise. Many think that butt exercises are hard. But there are simple butt exercises that are really simple and can be done even […]

How Many Minutes Of Exercise Do You Need to Lose Weight?

People do exercise for different reasons. Many do exercise just to look good, while others exercise to  build up their body. Most people exercise to keep their bodies healthy while others do exercises to relieve them of stress. Athletes do exercises and workouts to strengthen their bodies and improve their endurance and stamina. One of the most common reason why people exercise is […]

BURPEES: Complete Body Workout for Weight Loss

Burpees or Burpee is an exercise that sounds funny but is proven to give you a tough body workout. This complete body workout has been proven to toughen and strengthen up people from the army as well as football players and other athletes. Burpees work a lot of muscle groups. If you want to exercise […]