Possible QSYMIA Side Effects: a Qsymia Diet Pill Review

Qsymia is the latest prescription diet pill in the US today. It has been approved by the FDA last year and has been in the market for several months now. But Qsymia can not be bought in your regular drugstores nor can you order via online pharmacies. You need a prescription first from a Qsymia trained doctor […]

TREDAPTIVE: Merck to Stop Marketing and Selling This Anti Cholesterol Pill

After negative results and serious side effects as shown in the study called, HPS2  TRIVE,  Merck, the makers of anti cholesterol pill TREDAPTIVE, has announced to stop selling and marketing the drug. Merck has announced that the study, Heart Protection Study 2- Treatment of HDL to Reduce the Incidence of Vascular Events, which uses Tredaptive does not meet its […]

Belviq Diet Pill in the UK: Arena Pharmaceuticals applied for approval in Britain

The diet pill Belviq is now applying for an approval in Britain. If given the green signal, it can hit the shelves in UK this year. The generic name of Belvic is Lorcaserin. This is a new drug that acts on the brain to curb appetite. This is the first drug in more than a […]

PEPSI SPECIAL: Diet Soda with Fat Blocking Properties

Pepsi Cola Japan will lunch Tuesday, November 13, their latest product, Pepsi Special. Pepsi Special is believed to help people maintain or lose weight. Yes, you’ve heard it right. You can now lose weight by drinking sodas. Gone are the days that colas and sodas are some of the top drinks to avoid when you […]

QSYMIA Price: Cost of Qsymia per Bottle and per Pill

QSYMIA is the latest FDA diet pill to hit the US market. It was just released and made available in the United States last September 18, 2012.   What is Qsymia? Qsymia is a combination drug that can help people lose weight. It is intended for obese patients and overweight patients with serious complications like heart […]