Drinks to Help You Lose Weight Fast!!!

Water diet is one of the most popular weight loss diets ever. People tend to drink a cup of water or two before each meal to help them feel full and eat less food. Aside from water, many people drink fruit juices. Fruit juice contains many vitamins and minerals that can help you stay healthy. […]

QSYMIA Price: Cost of Qsymia per Bottle and per Pill

QSYMIA is the latest FDA diet pill to hit the US market. It was just released and made available in the United States last September 18, 2012.   What is Qsymia? Qsymia is a combination drug that can help people lose weight. It is intended for obese patients and overweight patients with serious complications like heart […]

Cabbage Soup Diet: Recipe, How to Cook, Weight Loss Results

One of the most popular weight loss diets in recent years is the Cabbage Soup Diet. This is a weight loss diet that can be effective because you are led to eat small amount of  solid food, thus consuming small amounts of calories. Soup also makes you fuller easily,thus making you feel satisfied. Cabbages are also […]

Does Drinking Warm Water Help You Lose Weight?

It is a fact that water comprises almost 70% of our body. Lose large amounts of water and you’ll lose weight. But is a must to replenish lost water immediately for water is needed in the normal functions of our body.  Drinking water to lose weight is another water fact that has been proven true. […]

The PRASOUDA DIET for Weight Loss

Sometimes we only need to look at old reliable ways for fighting of obesity. We don’t need some popular Fad Diets like South Beach Diet or Atkins Diet to help us lose weight. Many traditional diets such as the Prasouda Diet has been documented to be great for weight loss and is very good in […]