Does Drinking Water Burn Calories?

Drinking water can help you to lose weight fast because, if you will take a glass of water before a meal, you will fill full, thus it will lessen your intake of too much calories and fat laden foods. Drinking water also helps to speed up your metabolism. The faster the metabolism, the more calories […]

Can You Lose Weight By Starving Yourself?

Can you lose weight by starving yourself? The Answer, YES, you can lose weight by starving.  In short periods, starving can cause you to lose weight. But in the long run, starving could lead you to more weight. Starving can cause cravings, and if left unchecked, you will end up consuming more fatty and salty […]

5 Foods to Fight and Lose Belly Fat

Aside from firm and toned thighs, everybody desires to have gorgeous looking abs. Every man would love to have a 6 pack or washboard abs. But the main problem is that many cannot lose those belly fat even by doing weight lose exercises. If you want to lose those unwanted belly fats, incorporate your weight […]

Best Tips on How To Lose Weight

How can I lose Weight? That is probably the most popular question in the internet. But what people don’t know is you can lose weight fast and easy by just doing simple things, without doing to much exercise routines or participating on complex weight loss diet plans. All you need is a strong determination to […]


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