CHIA SEEDS Health Benefits, Nutrition and Weight Loss!!!

Eating Chia Seeds is now becoming a FAD Diet. Many claims that this seed is very healthy and adding it to your daily diet can help you lose weight. Some are even considering these seeds as the next Super Food!!!

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What is Chia Seeds?

Many are familiar with the Chia Pet. A small clay figurines of animals where small grass like sprout as if they were fur. Well, that grass like plant is actually known as Chia, the source of Chia seeds.

This plant came from Mexico and is planted for its nutritional values. Its scientific name is Salvia Hispanica.

Commercial Chia farms ccan be found in Mexico because it is found out that Chia seeds are a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids.


Chia Seeds Nutrition and Chia Health Benefits

Aside from Omega 3, Chia seeds are a good source of protein, fat and dietary fiber. Chia seeds are also known to give us calcium, phospohorus and manganese.

Many experts also claim that this is a super food like blueberries because Chia Seeds posses high doses of antioxidants.

It is said that use of Chia Seeds are great alternatives to processed white breads for they are nutritious and are very tasty.


Chia Seeds Side Effects and Allergies

Like in most foods, there are people who can be allergic to Chia Seeds. If you are allergic to sesame and mustard seeds, it is best to avoid Chia Seeds as well.

Patients who take high blood medicines and blood thinners should also ask their doctor first before considering having Chia seeds on their regular diets.


Chia Seeds Weight Loss and Chia Benefits

On paper, Chia Seeds weight loss can be possible because they are rich in fiber, protein and calcium.

Fiber can help you feel full for long periods of time thus allowing you to eat less food. Protein is a better source of energy as opposed to carbohydrates. Protein is also needed in muscle building while Calcium is needed for strong bones.

But there are still no concrete data that supports the Chia Seeds Weight Loss theory.

There was once a study in the University of North Carolina stating that people who used Chia Seeds on their regular diets for 12 weeks does not show any changes in their appetite or significant weight loss.

One study however shows that one Chia Seeds Health Benefits claim is true. Some heart conditions can improved with the help of Chia seeds diet thanks to its rich Omega 3 properties.


Ready to try out Chia Seeds?


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