Crunches: Best Abdominal Workout for a Flat Stomach

The Abdominal Crunch or Crunches is one of the most common abdominal exercises. It primary works and tones the Rectus Abdominis. This is a simple Ab Exercise that does not need fancy equipments or gadgets. You can do this almost every where, particularly in your own homes.

What is the difference between Crunches and Sit ups?

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In doing the Crunches, your back never leaves the floor. Unlike in Sit Ups, where you have to reach your knees by sit ups, the reverse are observed in Crunches, in where you have to crunch your way in order for your shoulders to reach your pelvis. By that, we can eliminate the involvement of the Hip Flexors, making the Crunch an effective isolation exercise for your abdominals.

How to do Crunches?

The Crunch Ab Exercise begins with lying on the floor with your knees bent upward..

The first movement should start with the curling of the shoulders towards your pelvis.

Your Hands can be either behind your head or crossed on top of your chest.

How many calories can Crunches burn?

If you want to burn lots of calories and body fat, then Crunches should be the best Ab exercise for you. A minute of Crunches done in moderate speed can burn up to 50 calories. Crunches can burn up to 90 calories per minute is done in a more rapid pace.

Other Variations of the Crunch Ab Workout

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There are other froms or versions of the Crunch Ab Workout. Some of the most popular Crucnh variations are as follows:

  • The Reverse Crunch

The Reverse Crunch is a variation in where the Crunch is done with the legs instead of the chest

  • The Dragon Flag

The Dragon Flag was an exercise developed by Bruce Lee. Another variation the Flag, was popularized by Sylvester Stallone in the movie Rocky IV.

  • The Twisting Crunch

The Twisting Crunch is a Ab Workout done by lifting one shoulder at a time. This exercise is more concentrated in the Obliques.

  • The Thai Crunch

Many kick boxers use the Thai Crunch to strengthen their Abdominals. Even Professional Boxing’s Pound for Pound King, Manny Pacquiao, is often seen doing this Ab exercise. The Thai Crunch is done by hitting the stomach after full contraction. This exercise strengthens the core and improves it’s resistance to pain due to punches.

  • The Bicycle Crunch

The Bicycle Crunch is done by bringing together alternative elbows and knees, resulting to a motion that resembles the pedaling of bicycles. Aside from targeting the Rectus Abdominis, the Bicycle Crunch also tones the Obliques.

Now do the Crunch, plus its other variations to get the best results and have a flat stomach fast.

Combine these work outs with proper diet and healthy lifestyle, and you will lose 5 pounds in a week or even more, plus you’ll have better looking stomach to boot.

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