Diet Versus Exercise: Which is Best for Weight Loss?

Most health experts says that the best way to lose weight is by combining a healthy diet with regular exercise. In this way, you can burn all your unwanted fats and preventing it from coming back.

Many of us are too lazy to do these things at the same time, where some go on a diet alone, while some doesn’t mind over eating as long as they do regular exercises.

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But which is really better? Diet or Exercise. We are sharing research results on this Diet Vs Exercise post. See the results below:

exercise versus diet for weight loss

  • Diet is better than exercise in terms of weight loss

Experts contents that Dieting is much effective than exercise in terms of weight loss. Best to avoid high calorie foods to shed pounds faster. But if you really want to lose weight fast and prevent those pounds from returning, a healthy dose of dieting and exercise will really help you.

  • Exercise is better than Dieting in terms of boosting your energy levels

Want to get more energy or have a better metabolism? Best go for the exercise rather than eating, for exercising can help the brain release hormones to keep you alert and feel more active.

  • Diet is best for reducing heart diseases

Eating healthy can prevent a person from getting a heart attack, stroke or have high blood pressure.

  • If you want to prevent Diabetes, Exercise is the key!!!

Exercise can help you from having Diabetes for it burns extra sugar in the body and prevents blood sugar levels to shoot up.

  • Preventing cancer?

Both exercise and diet are the best way to prevent cancer and other diseases.

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