EDNOS: Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified

EDNOS or Eating disorder not otherwise specified is a category used for those who have eating disorder that does not meet the criteria for any specific eating disorder for Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa or Binge Eating Disorder. They are referred as “sub-clinical” or  “sub- threshold” disorders. For example, a person who shows symptoms of Anorexia Nervosa but has almost normal Body Mass Index or BMI can be diagnosed with EDNOS.

People having Ednos can have extreme swings on eating patterns, eatng lots of food one day, then starving the other.

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People with Orthorexia, or people who are obsessed with only eating healthy diets and foods, can also fall in the category of EDNOS. The following shows some symptoms and signs of people suffering from EDNOS.

Signs and Symptoms of EDNOS

  1. Chronic Dieting: Always on a diet, Always coming of a diet, Always ready to start a new diet.
  2. Always looking for “healthy foods” and “healthy diets”.
  3. Always starves himself but not significantly underweight.
  4. Eliminates entire food groups such as carbohydrates.
  5. Binge or Purge but not more than 1 a week.
  6. Obsessed with exercise but eats very little.
  7. Favors diet pills and nutritional supplements to real food.
  8. Avoids social functions because your afraid that people might think that you are fat.
  9. Obsessed with healthy foods, raw or natural food  or Orthorexia.
  10. Does not eat meals on time or in right amounts.


It is advised to look for a person to talk to and could give helpful advice if you feel you have one or some of the signs stated above.

If you really want to have a healthy weight, you should practice a healthy lifestyle, but anything in excess can be harmful to, such as eating only “healthy foods” and eliminating foods with fats and carbohydrates. A balanced diet is a healthy diet, and not elimination or reduction.

Exercise is also needed to lose weight, but it should be done together with proper diet and nutrition.

It is also good to go out with friends, to bring back your confidence to yourself, and eliminating bad thoughts about your weight or looks.

To know more on how to live normal and healthy lives, check out our Health News Category.

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