How To Burn Body Fat: Myths and Facts

There are a lot of misconceptions on How to Burn Body Fat?” These misconceptions or myths can lead you to waste both time and money in the hopes of burning body fats fast but to no avail. How to burn body fat is a complex process and needs good information and facts.

Here at How to Lose 5 Pounds in a Week Fast, we would give you some “How to Burn Body Fat” myths and how to improve them and turn them into reality. We will give you the best fat burning tips for weight loss and better health.

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How to Burn Body Fat Myth # 1Exercising the abdomen can burn all the body fat.

Yes it is true that exercise can help you burn fat. But it does not necessary mean that only exercising one particular body part can burn all your body fat. The body stores fat in different parts of your system, from the abdomen, arms and thighs. A complete body work out is needed to truly burn all your body fat. Doing crunches can help you burn fat in your belly, but doing aerobic exercises or lifting weights can help you burn more fat from different parts of your body. Even the classic Burpee exercise can help you burn body fat as well as help toning thighs, legs and arms.

So if you want to burn all your body fat, do a complete body work out and not just one exercise.

How to Burn Body Fat Myth # 2Will Starving burn body fat and help to lose weight?

By starving, you are not consuming any food, so what the body does is burning your fat deposits and turns them into energy. But Starving to lose weight is not healthy. You can have serious complications by starving to lose weight. You are depriving yourself of the nutrition needed by your body to function properly.

Many studies also shows that, even if you starve and lost a lot of weight doing the process, there is a high possibility to gain back the lost pounds in just a short time.

The best way to lose weight is to eat healthy. Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables instead of calorie and fat rich foods. Eating properly is the best way to have a normal weight and not by starving to lose weight and burn body fat.

How to Burn Body Fat Myth # 3 Eating Fatty foods make me fat

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Your body produces body fat from excess calories from what you eat. As long as you eat too many calories, you will gain weight and have lots of body fat.

Fatty foods are rich in calories, making them a food to avoid for those who want to lose weight. But fatty foods are not the sole culprit in making many people fat. The main reason why many of us have lots of body fat is because we eat a lot of calorie rich foods such as processed foods, sweetened fruit juices, cereals, and candied popcorn.

In order to fight body fat, not only do we need to avoid fatty foods, we must also limit or regulate our consumption of calorie rich foods.

How to Burn Body Fat?

So now we have the answers on the question “How to Burn Body Fat?”

The answers are simple, Exercise regularly and Watch what you eat. Do not focus on one particular body part if you truly want to burn all your body fat. Starving to lose weight and burn body fat will not also help. You should only lose fat the healthy way and not by starving.

Live healthy by exercising and eating lots of healthy food.

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