How to Tone Your Thighs and Secrets of Keeping it Firm!

Every body wants to have firm and good looking thighs. It is nice to go to the beach and show not only your muscular abs and biceps, but also your firm thighs as well. Even the ladies want to achieve firm, toned and shapely thighs fast.

Thighs will look flabby because of fats and the lack of muscle. Exercise will help you lose those unwanted fats and will help you achieve those firm thighs you’ve always wanted.

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Exercises using barbells, dumbbells and other weights can help you have great looking thighs. But you can also do effective workouts without using any weights for toning and shaping your thighs. Speed, bodyweight, and sequence of exercise can be combined to create a complete thigh work out. Exercises like Full squat, Squat jumps, Curtsy lunges and Switch Lunges, Calf Raises are the best exercises for toning and shaping firm thighs.

For these thigh exercises, you can either choose to:

  1. Use a short range, about 1 to 3, and add additional weight or intensity to create training to failure, or lose of muscular strength. This means fewer reps but more resistance such as weights. Or
  1. Try a repetition range of 15 or more per set, thus creating muscular resistance. This exercise regimen will require more reps, less weight.

You can try both during your thigh workouts but avoid anything in the middle of the 2 choices, meaning doing 4-14 reps.

Cardio Exercises are also a good way of losing those unwanted fat, and create firm thighs. Running is a good example of an exercise to shape and tone your thighs and calf muscles. Also try using the stairs instead of riding those elevators, or go on a biking trip during week ends.

Try all these exercises and have a great nutritional diet and you will have firm thighs in no time. Why wait, tone and shape those thighs now.

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