Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss Secrets

Jennifer Hudson is an award winning singer as well as an Oscar winning actress. But what makes her more news worthy to many people is how she lost weight in such a short time. Some reporters tell that she lost almost 70 pounds. So what exactly is  Jennifer Hudson weight loss secrets?

As of late, Jennifer Hudson has become the spokes person of weight watchers. She has been the motivation of millions of people who wants to lose weight. Hudson’s healthy diet has made her look good and let her lost weight. Her personal trainer also commented her change of lifestyle to be the key to her success against her fight against weight.

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Aside from a healthy diet, Hudson also has a secret weight loss exercise regimen. Her secret is the Five-factor five fitness. 5 exercises, for 5 minute segments, for 5 days a week.


The Five Factor Five Fitness Routine


Phase 1:    Cardio Warm Up

Try doing some treadmill exercises, jogging, jumping jacks, or boxing for 5 minutes


Phase 2   5 minutes for Body Strength

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Try doing dumbbells and other weight lifting exercises


Phase 3:    5 minutes for Strengthening the Lower Back


Phase 4:    Work on the Abdominals for 5 minutes

Do some classic ab workouts such as crunches and sit ups.


Phase 5:    5 minutes for cardio cool down

Cool down your body by doing light exercises such as jogging and jump ropes.


So try this exercise and lose weight like Jennifer Hudson. She can be your motivation for weight loss. Weight loss is possible, if you just give more dedication and be more motivated.

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