The PHENPHEDRINE diet pill is one of the most popular diet pills today. This weight loss product however is still new, making Phenphedrine reviews very rare in the internet.

What is clear is that Phenphedrine is a type of a fat burner. It also has some thermogenic effect that raises one’s metabolism in order to eliminate fat.

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PHENPHEDRINE is one of the top weight loss pills available in the market. It works as a fat burner and as an appetite suppressant. It is an over the counter drug (OTC), thus you can buy PHENPHEDRINE without any prescriptions from your doctor.


Phenphedrine works in 2 ways:

Stimulate the Cocaine-Amphetamine Regulated Transcript (CART) response to your brain, If your CART is being activated, you can have a faster metabolism, thus you can burn more stored fat while doing exercise. You can also store fat ore efficiently by triggering this response. Stimulating the CART can also help you lose your appetite.

PHENPHEDRINE also makes you thinner by inhibiting the hormone called Neuropeptide – Y or NP-Y. NPY is commonly known as the STRESS Hormone. Stress can lead people to eat more and drop their metabolism, things that PHENPHEDRINE wants to avoid or prevent.

PHENPHEDRINE to date is the only diet pill that contains the functions of simulating CART while inhibitingng the Stress hormone. This combination works well in weight loss and preventing people to gain weight.

PHENPHEDRINE Ingredients and PHENPHEDRINE Generic Name

PHENPHEDRINE has no working generic name, however, PHENPHEDRINE has a lot of active ingredients that helps you lose weight in different ways. Some works on the brain to curb your appetite, while some Phenphedrine ingredients gives you more energy so that you can do more workouts and exercises.

Here are the active ingredients of Phenphedrine:

  • CART Activators

Chromax –  an ingredient that helps prevent cravings and hunger

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DiCaffeine Maleate – provides energy and has a thermogenic effect

Caffeine Anhydrous – gives mental alertness, additional energy and has thermogenic effects

Green Select Phytosome Green Tea – an extractfrom green tea that works better and stays in the body for longer periods of time as compared to your ordinary green tea for weigh loss.

PEA or Phenyllethylamine – it is an amphetamine like substance that provide pleasure or eurphoria.

  • NP-Y inhibitor

HOPS- it is a plant which extracts can produce a calming effect on the body. It works well is releasing pain or stress.

Is PHENPHEDRINE Safe? What are the PHENPHEDRINE Side Effects

Like all diet pills, PHENPHEDRINE is still not safe from any unwanted side effects. Common side effects include headache, insomnia, stomach cramps and others.

Where can you buy PHENPHEDRINE? PHENPHEDRINE for Sale!!!!

PHENPHEDRINE is an over the counter weight loss pill. You can buy them at leading health stores, gyms and online stores like eBay. Just make sure you are buying the original product and not Fake PHENPHEDRINE.

PHENPHEDRINE Prices vary from store to store and in from different countries. But on the average, a bottle of Phenphedrine containing 30 pills or good for a month’s use costs  around 69.95 US  dollars.

How to Lose 5 Pounds in a Week Fast advice our readers to consult first your doctors before you Buy PHENPHEDRINE or take any diet pills for they may contain ingredients that may affect your current medication or has an effect on your health condition.

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