Pickle Juice Weight Lose: Does Drinking It Help You Lose Weight?

Pickle Juice is fast becoming a popular sports drink in the US today. It has been used by many professional athletes and swears that they perform better when they drink their favorite brand of Pickle Juice over water or the conventional sport drinks like Gatorade.

Some even say that drinking Pickle Juice helped them to lose weight.  Now aside from a common folk remedy, Pickle Juice, just like Apple Cider Vinegar, is being used as a weight loss supplement. But does drinking Pickle Juice really help you to lose weight?

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History of the Pickle Juice Sports Drink

The hype of the Pickle Juice sports drink started in the year 2000 when the Eagles defeated the Cowboys in their home stadium at Cowboy Stadium in Dallas. The trainer for the Eagles, Rick Burkholder, told the press that their secret weapon that produced a 41-14 lopsided win was his team drinking Pickle Juice. Apparently, drinking pickle juice has helped his team perform well even in hot temperatures.

Pickle Juice Sports Drink

The win by the Eagles has inspired many beverage companies to develop their very own Pickle Juice sports drink. In 2006, one of the most famous pickle juice brands, the Pickle Juice Sport was released and has sold thousands of its unique brand of sports drink to hundreds of professional athletes as well as to 20 professional football teams.

Pickle Juice Weight Loss

With the availability of the Pickle Juice Sport and the legendary Eagle’s win at Cowboys Stadium, people all over the world has taken pickle juice as one of the most popular sports drinks around.

But the question is, “ Does drinking Pickle Juice help you lose weight?”.

Apparently, there is no clear data showing a direct effect of Pickle Juice and weight loss. Some experts have studied the components of pickle juice and have found out that this sport drink is a rich source of sodium and electrolytes.

Drinking Pickle Juice can help you regain much needed water, Pickle Juice also supplies your body with needed electrolytes and sodium that you’ve lost during and hard exercises.

Keeping hydrated with pickle juice can help you perform better during your workout sessions or during a game. It keeps your body’ temperature at check and helps prevents cramps from occurring.

When you perform better, or longer, you burn more calories thus you lose weight.

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