QNEXA for Sale: FDA Approval Crucial for QNEXA Availability

QNEXA is next in line to get an approval from the FDA. If ever the FDA decides to give its approval for Qnexa’s application, this would make Qnexa the second diet pill to receive the same honor this past several weeks.

BELVIQ (Lorcaserin) just received and FDA Approval last June 2012. If things go right with Qnexa, it would be great to see the competition between these two new diet pills. It would also be a great help for health professionals and patients suffering from obesity and weight loss, for the last time the FDA gave an approval for a diet pill was 13 years ago for Xenical.

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What is Qnexa?

Qnexa is a combination of 2 prescription drugs namely:

  • Phentermine – a weight loss medicine and
  • Topimarate– a drug for epilepsy and convulsions

Together and with the right dosages, these 2 drugs , Phenermine and Topimarate, can promote healthy weight loss to patients.

Qnexa is being developed and manufactured by Vivus Inc.


QNEXA FDA Approval

It is not easy to get an approval from the DFA. It would take years of research and presentation before the FDA board will consider your product.

One of the major issues that FDA is always looking for is safety. A drug with this potential can land millions of prescriptions per year, and the FDA is making sure that Qnexa is safe for the general public to use before it can be made available and be sold in the US.

Before a drug is given an FDA Approval, it must pass 3 clinical trials with good results in terms of efficacy (effectiveness) and tolerability (safety).

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In terms of effectiveness, Qnexa has shown good results in helping patients lose weight. Based on different clinical trials, Qnexa was able to help people lose 10 to 15 % of their body weight in a year of taking this product. This would be a plus factor for Belviq’s results only shows an average of 5% loss for the same amount of time.

Qnexa also shows promise in helping people live healthier lives by lowering their LDL levels and helping people with sleep apnea.

Safety would probably the main point whether Qnexa will be approved or not this July 17, 2012.

To know more of Qnexa including side effects and dosages, please read the this Qnexa review article:


QNEXA:  New Diet Pill for Weight Loss and Fight Obesity

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