QNEXA: New Diet Pill for Weight Loss and to Fight Obesity

There are a lot of new weight loss drugs, obesity medications and diet pills waiting for the approval of the DFA to be sold. Some already has made the headlines and caught the eye of the public such as Contrave, Lorcaserin, Tesofensine and Qnexa. All of these weight loss drugs and diet pills shows remarkable potential in fighting obesity and helping people to lose weight fast, but most are still in the test phases especially in the area of safety and the study of potential serious side effects.

What is QNEXA?

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Qnexa is the newest breakthrough diet pill of Vivus Inc., a California based pharmaceutical company. Vivus has been trying for years to get the right formulation to make this trial diet pill available to the market and challenge the only approved weight loss drug approved in the United States, Xenical.

But unlike Xenical that blocks the absorption of fat, Qnexa works by suppressing the appetite of the person.

Qnexa is a combination drug, meaning like Contrave, it is composed of 2 active ingredients. The Qnexa diet pill is targeting obese people as its market. Obese people are those with a Body Mass Index or BMI of 30 or above. According to some studies, a large portion of the US population is either Obese or overweight.

What is the Generic Name of Qnexa?

The Generic name of QNEXA is Phentermine and Topimarate.  Phentermine is known via its trade name Adipex while Topimarate is knows as the prescription drug Topamax.

Phentermine or Adipex is an appetite suppressant drug.

Topimarate or Topamax is usually used as an anti-convulsant medicine.

Qnexa Doses: What is the Right Dosage for Qnexa?

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Qnexa’s dosing is still under trial. As of the latest, the full dosage of Qnexa for full strength consists of 15 mg of Phentermine and 92 mg of Topimarate.

Medium Dosage is also on trial. Qnexa dose for medium results are 7.5 mg Phentermine and 46 mg of Topimarate.

Lowest dosage for Qnexa includes 3.75 mg of Phentermine and 23 mg of Topimarate.

 Qnexa Warning: Do not mix and drink these 2 drugs on your own or without the proper prescription of your doctor. Side effects have not been properly recorded from taking in these 2 drugs.


Qnexa Clinical Trials, Effects and Qnexa Side Effects

Qnexa works as an appetite suppressant. This new diet pill decreases ones hunger, thus letting them eat lesser amounts of food and lose weight more easily, faster and more effectively.


Qnexa Results

In some Qnexa clinical trials and tests, about 10% to 15% of the body weight was lost from patients who took Qnexa for a year. Qnexa also helps in the improvement of cardiovascular activity of the patients.

Other health benefits of Qnexa aside from weight loss include good results for sleep apnea, causing others to push Qnexa for approval as a sleep apnea and snoring cure.

Qnexa also shows good results in lowering blood pressure.


Qnexa’s main trial is called the Conquer Study. This 2 year study includes 2487 obese patients.

The Conquer Study shows that 10% weight loss were achieved by patients who took Qnexa. Qnexa also shows good results by helping lowering Blood Pressure levels and LDL levels. Qnexa also helps increase High Density Lipids or HDL Levels in patients.

 Qnexa Side Effects

Like most drugs and diet pills, Qnexa is not free from harmful side effects. Qnexa side effects include nausea, headache, dry mouth, insomnia, constipation, diarrhea, fatigue and other minor effects.

Qnexa should not be taken by pregnant women. This diet pill can have some side effects and may cause birth defects to the infant.

Where can you buy Qnexa?

 Qnexa is still not for SALE.

 Qnexa is still under trial and the FDA has not given Vivus Inc. the go signal to sell Qnexa to the public. Vivus Inc, the makers of Qnexa are hoping for the US FDA approval so that the diet pill can be sold and out of the market in the year 2012.

How to Lose 5 Pounds in a Week Fast will give you updates on Qnexa US FDA approval and other Qnexa News for 2012.

Please avoid buying products claiming that they are Generic Qnexa, for they may contain harmful ingredients or is made out of the wrong mixture and dosage of the active ingredients of Qnexa.

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