QSYMIA Diet Pill Review: Dosage, Side Effects, Cost, Where to BUY QSYMIA

QSYMIA is the newest diet pill that can help people lose weight fast and safe. The QSYMIA Diet Pill has been given an FDA Approval on July 17, 2012. It is classified as a prescription medicine that can only be bought if you have a script form your doctor.


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What is QSYMIA Diet Pill?

QSYMIA is a combination of Topimarate and Phentermine.

Topimarate is a drug used to prevent migraine attacks and seizures while Phentermine is used as a diet pill for short term weight loss.

Vivus Inc is the manufacturer of QSYMIA diet Pill.


QSYMIA Patient Information

QSYMIA can be given to a person who has a BMI of 30 or over. It can also be given to a person whose BMI is around 27 but has health complications like cardiovascular ailments, Type 2 Diabetes, and patients with high blood pressure.

However, QSYMIA should not be given to patients who have suffered a stroke or heart attack in the last 6 months. It is also not recommended to patients suffering from glaucoma and with hyperthyroidism.

QSYMIA should also not be given to expectant mothers or pregnant women, for Phentermine has been found years ago to effect the baby’s development while inside the womb. One of the birth defects associated with the intake of Phentehrmine is having a clef palate.

There are also no studies showing that QSYMIA is safe for children or persons below 18 years old.

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QSYMIA Recommended Dose

The FDA has approved 2 dosages for QSYMIA.

The recommended dose for QSYMIA is 7.5 milligrams of Phentermine and 46 mg of Topimarate.if the patient does not experience significant weight loss in the course of 12 weeks, the doctor can prescribe the maximum dose of   QSYMIA.

The maximum dose of QSYMIA as per FDA Approval is 15 mg of Phentermine and 92 milligrams of Topimarate. It should only be given if the patient is not responding well with the recommended dose of QSYMIA.

*if the patient still does not experience weight loss in the next 12 weeks using the maximum dose for QSYMIA, then he is to stop taking the diet pill entirely.


QSYMIA Weight Loss: Why you should BUY QSYMIA

QSYMIA is an effective diet pill. Its effectiveness is probably one of its strong points why it has been approved.

On some clinical studies that enlisted more than 4,000 patients, about half of the population who took QSYMIA for about a year lost about 10% of their original body weight, while 20% of the patients lost around 5% of their original body weight

Though modest, the result shows that QSYMIA can be more effective than BELVIQ in terms of weight loss results.


QSYMIA Safety and Side Effects

Based on some QSYMIA clinical trials, QSYMIA can be taken for about a year and yet not produce any serious side effects.

The most common side effects for this diet pill include dizziness, sensations in the hands and feet, altered tastes and insomnia.

But on the safe side, the FDA still orders Vivus to conduct 10 more clinical studies once QSYMIA is released and made available in the US market. They should take note of patient experiences especially on side effects and complaints regarding palpitation, increased heart rate, heart attack or stroke.


Where to BUY QSYMIA?

QSYMIA is still not available and is till not for SALE. QSYMIA Prices and Cost of QSYMIA treatment is yet to be announced.


Qsymia is now available in the US. Announcement of Qsymia availability will be officially announced by Vivus Inc, in San Antonio Texas this week during the Obesity Society’s Annual Scientific Meeting.

Here Qsymia will be presented on doctors who would likely to prescribe Qsymia, teach them on the right patient and safety profile plus give additional support and educational materials to let doctors and health practitioners be familiarized on how Qsymia works.

Unfortunetly, Qysimia will only be available or sold via mail order. Qsymia Price are still not known. For more information on the latest Qsymia release date and availabity, please check this post:

Qsymia Diet Pill now Available in the US

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