Running VS Swimming To Lose Weight

Two of the most popular exercises for weight loss are Running and Swimming. There are a lot of reviews and people’s testimonies about how they lost weight either by swimming or running.

But there are a few question remains. Questions like:

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  • Does swimming help you lose weight?
  • Does running help you lose weight?
  • What is better, Swimming or Running for weight loss?

Let us have a closer look on swimming and running and their effects of weight loss.

Calories burn while Running or Swimming

Both Running and Swimming can be done in different intensities. Various intensities burn different amounts of calories. To be fair in our comparison of running and swimming and their effects on weight loss and the amount of calories that they are burning, we would like to set up certain parameters such as:

  • Both weight loss exercises should be done in a slow pace, for running it should be done in around 5 Mph while for swimming strokes will be limited to butterfly strokes, back strokes and front crawl.
  • Both exercises should be done in the same time period of 30 minutes.

Which is better, Swimming or Running to Lose Weight?

Based on the parameters cited above, we can say that both running and swimming are effective in the fight against obesity.

Running in a slow pace for 30 minutes can help you burn 250 calories. Running in a much faster or harder pace in 30 minutes can help you burn as much as 480 calories.

Swimming in a slow pace for 30 minutes also burns 250 calories. Just like running, if you conduct a faster pace while swimming, you burn more calories. Intense swimming can help you burn as much as 400 calories or even higher.

Benefits of Running and Swimming

Aside from weight loss, there are a lot of health benefits coming from running and swimming.

Running can help you increase your bone mineral density because running is weight bearing activity.

Swimming’s main health benefit is that it is safer to do exercises in water. Injuries can be lessened while you are in the water. Swimming also increases the metabolism, thus helps you burn lots of body fat.

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So if you want to learn the secrets on how to lose 5 Lbs in a week, you have 2 great choices either go “Swimming to Lose weight” or go via “Running to Lose Weight”.

For best results, you can have both, or do alternative exercises to take advantage of each others health benefits.

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