Snooki Weight Loss: Secrets, Diet and Exercise

Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss secrets remain to be a big story in Hollywood. But in recent weeks, Snooki, the star of the hit series, Jersey Shore, has shared the lime light as she Tweeted her bikini body in her Tweeter account last Christmas. Snooki weight loss news became big after that. People began to wonder […]

Orthorexia: Definition, Signs and Symptoms

Orthorexia is a term coined by Dr Steven Bratman in 1997. He created the term “Orthorexia” to classify people that eat limited food or diets for the sake of eating healthy. It can start normally as being conscious about what he eats, and then becomes more extreme by eliminating an entire food group to his […]

EDNOS: Eating Disorder Not Otherwise Specified

EDNOS or Eating disorder not otherwise specified is a category used for those who have eating disorder that does not meet the criteria for any specific eating disorder for Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa or Binge Eating Disorder. They are referred as “sub-clinical” or  “sub- threshold” disorders. For example, a person who shows symptoms of Anorexia […]