How to Lose 5 Pounds in a Week

Losing 5 pounds in a week is the goal of most weight watchers and dieters. For most, losing 5 pounds in a week is the short term goal for their dream to have beautiful, sculpt beach bodies. If done properly, losing 5 pounds in a week can be healthy. Losing all the calories and burning […]

What are CRASH DIETS for Weight Loss

Crash Diets are a popular method of losing weight fast. Some say that undergoing Crash Diets are not safe, while others say that it is completely safe if done correctly. There are also a lot of variations of Crash Diets, from eliminating carbohydrates and protein to your diet, or it’s the opposite, eating lots of […]

World’s Healthiest Foods

There are a lot of healthy foods to choose from. Fresh fruits and vegetables are the healthiest foods in the worlds. So does lean meat and fresh seafood. What makes some food unhealthy is the way of cooking or the preparation in goes into. Some manufacturers tend to use some preservatives that can hurt consumers. […]

Maqui Berry for Weight Loss and to Fight Obesity

Just like the African Mango, Maqui Berry is an exotic fruit gaining popularity in theUS for the promise of fighting obesity and helping people to lose weight. This fruit has been making some weight loss break through because of its contents that can fight of fat cells plus other health benefits. Maqui berry is a […]

Effects of African Mango Supplements and Weight Loss

African Mango is the new trend in weight loss supplements. African Mango supplements are now available anywhere from health shops to the internet. Some studies shows that taking African Mango supplements, without any change of diets or exercise, can help you lose 7 pounds in just one month. Yes, lose 7 Lbs in a month […]