Belviq ( Lorcaserin) Diet Pill Supply Update 2014!!

Arena Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is the makers of Belviq. Belviq or Lorcaserin is one of newest and emerging diet pills in the US market with the approval of the FDA. This weight loss product can only be bought with a prescription from your doctor. Promotion is one of the key in order for the success of […]

BELVIQ Diet Pill Weight Loss Results Based on Trials

Belviq is one of the recent diet pills approved for sale in the the US. This is a prescription drug and is intended to help obese patients or those who are overweight and are at risk of heart attack, diabetes, stroke and others. Belviq or Lorcaserin is not for sale for over the counter basis […]

Belviq Diet Pill in the UK: Arena Pharmaceuticals applied for approval in Britain

The diet pill Belviq is now applying for an approval in Britain. If given the green signal, it can hit the shelves in UK this year. The generic name of Belvic is Lorcaserin. This is a new drug that acts on the brain to curb appetite. This is the first drug in more than a […]

BELVIQ vs Xenical: What is the best diet pill?

The word is out. BELVIQ (Lorcaserin) is the newest diet pill that can help people lose weight. It now has an FDA Approval which gives Arena Pharmaceuticals authority to manufacture and sell this drug in the US. This is the first time that the FDA approved a diet pill this century. The last time they […]

BELVIQ Price: How much does Belviq Cost?

June 27, 2012 marked one of the biggest days in Arena Pharmaceutical’s history for this was the day the FDA has finally given this company the go signal to sell and market their breakthrough diet pill, BELVIQ. Belviq was for a while known as LORQESS.   What is Belviq? Belviq is the newest diet pill […]