Healthy Chicken Souvlaki for Weight Loss

Just like the Greek Salad, Chicken Souvlaki is a healthy Mediterranean inspired dish. Souvlaki is a complete meal and a good source of protein, vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates. Using chicken instead of lamb or pork as your primary meat can help you cut off excess fats and calories. Souvlaki is healthy. Grilling meat means you […]

The BURPEE Exercise for Weight Loss

The Burpee Exercise is a full body exercise. It is popular among many American Football teams, and the Army. It is also done by people who want to lose weight fast. Doing the Burpee is easy. You don’t need to go to the gym or buy expensive equipments to do the Burpee Exercise. The Burpee […]

Does Swimming Help You Lose Weight?

Swimming is a good form of aerobic exercise to keep your body in good shape. Swimming is a good cardiovascular exercise and the use of large muscles like the arms and legs are involved thus it is also a good weight loss exercise because it burns a lot of calories. Swimming also doesn’t put much […]

How Much Water to Lose Weight Fast?

The standard amount in order to have a healthy body is to drink 8 oz or more of water per day. But if you want to lose weight fast say losing 5 pounds in a week, you should drink more water. Water keeps your body hydrated, especially if you are doing weight loss exercises.  It […]