Thermbuterol, Fast Weight Loss: Safe or Scam?

A diet pill Thermbuterol has been in the Health News headlines for a couple of months now. It is said to help people loss weight, fast and safe. But with a wave of mixed reviews, many people are confused whether to buy or not this controversial weight loss pill.

What is Thermbuterol?

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Thermbuterol is a thermogenic fat burner pill that is supposed to help people lose weight. Thembuterol is produced by the company Southern Pharmaceuticals. Recommended daily dosage for Thembuterol is 3 pills daily. It is commonly sold in bottles containing 90 capsules at around 23-40 Dollars in various online stores.

According to the company, Thermbuterol is made from natural based substances such as Guggulstrone, and is made to work with the body’s natural functions to facilitate weight loss. Aside from burning fat, Thermbuterol is also said to aid in repairing damaged muscles, and lowering bad cholesterol levels.


What are the Active Ingredients of Thermbuterol?

One of the most active ingredients of Thermbuterol is Guggulstrone, a substance from the bark of the White Willow, a tree native in India. Its main function is to burn fat. It is also said that it helps one to recover faster from strenuous activities such as exercise by helping repair damaged tissues. Another said benefit of Guggulstrone is that it can lower LDL or bad cholesterol levels.

Another active ingredient of Thermbuterol is Synephrine. Other ingredients found in Thembuterol are L-Carnitine, Sida Cordifolia, Synephrine and Guarana.

Caffeine is also present in Thermbuterol. It serves as an energy booster, especially during work outs and weight loss exercises.


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Effects of Thermbuterol

Thermbuterol is marketed as a safe weight loss pill that contains natural ingredients. It is also said to be an Ephedra Free diet pill. Its main function is to help people boost their metabolism, thus burning more fats from their body. Thermbuterol is said to provide other health benefits.


Said Benefits of Thermbuterol

  • Safe weight loss by helping one to have a faster metabolism
  • Lowering LDL or Bad Cholesterol
  • Helping in muscle repairs, especially after exercise
  • Additional energy boost provided by caffeine

Thermbuterol Side Effects and other Cons

Like many diet pills, many people reacted negatively towards Thembuterol. Mixed reactions lead people questioning the legitimacy and real claims of Thembuterol. Some people even say that Thermbuterol is a Scam.

Some experts said that caffeine, if taken in large doses can be dangerous to one’s health, particularly with heart ailments, for it can increase the heart rate, cause head aches, sleeplessness, loss of appetite and shortness of breath.

There are also no scientific evidences or official studies provided by the company that indicates that Thembuterol can really help you burn fat, and are safe to use.

Even the makers of Thermbuterol, Southern Pharmaceuticals have no official website, for people to inquire and look for more data about Thermbuterol. This makes people more curious about the claims of Thermbuterol. Most info about the product came from secondary sources, and there is no “Money Back Guarantee” for those who already bought the product.


Special Note to our dear readers:

This website, How to Lose 5 Pounds in a Week Fast, recommends each and every reader of our site to conduct proper research and consult your doctors and other health professionals before taking Thermbuterol and other weight loss pills.

How to Lose 5 Pounds in a Week Fast also ask you to have professionals guide you while you do diet, and weight loss exercises especially if you are suffering from certain ailments such as heart disease and others.

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