Thermogenics: Are Diet Pills Safe? What are the Side Effects?

Thermogenics are the Diet Pills or weight loss drug used by people who want t lose weight fast. Thermogenics are considered food supplements, thus you don’t need any prescription to buy or use them. But there are a lot of Thermogenic diet pill makers that is all about marketing. They only boast about what their products can do, never telling people if they really work or what serious side effects taking these diet pills can cause.

 How does Thermogenics Diet Pills work?

 Basically, Thermogenics work by increasing the body’s Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR. BMR is also called the Resting Metabolic Rate.

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 Different Thermogenic products works differently to increase the body’s BMR. But taking these diet pills alone will not guarantee success, fast weight loss and ripped abs. You need to compliment these diet pills with proper nutrition, regular exercise and a healthy life style in order to see positive results.

 Does Thermogenics Really Work on Weight Loss and Fighting Obesity?

 Thermogenic Diet Pills can increase your Basal Metabolic Rate, thus allowing you to burn more stored body fats, thus helping you to lose weight.

 But there are a lot more going on than just raising your BMR, as most of these diet pills contains a lot more active ingredients that has other functions not closely related to BMR.

 Such active ingredient is Caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant, thus keeping you more alert and awake. Taking in caffeine in large doses can fool your body into thinking that you still have a lot of extra energy. Taking in a large dose of caffeine daily can harm your body and can even cause a lot of serous side effects like sleeplessness and headaches.

 Some active ingredients of Thermogenics are derived from illegal substances such as EPHEDRA. It is better to look for the labels of your diet pills and see if the manufacturers have approval from the US FDA to sell such products. Check if your diet pills are EPHEDRA FREE. It is also best to do some research in order to know if the product that you bought is really effective and is safe to use.

 Many Thermogenics and diet pills are also deceiving. They require you to do a lot of exercise and eat small amount of calories in order to see results. But if you regularly do exercise and live a healthy lifestyle, you can really lose weight fast even WITHOUT the use of these so called miracle diet pills.

Are Thermogenics Safe to Use?

Most Thermogenics are over the counter drugs. They are called food supplements and you don’t need a prescription to buy one. But it is best to consult first your doctor before buying and trying to take any diet pills for they can have some unwanted interaction with the other drugs and medications that you are currently using.

 It is also best to read the labels of these Thermogenics. Read if they have US Food and Drug approval or do some research if these diet pills are not banned in some countries.

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 Side effects of Thermogenics

 Thermogenics, even with FDA clearance are not free from side effects. Most common side effects of thermogenic diet pills include diarrhea, constipation, headache, dry mouth, and difficulty in breathing.

 Serious side effects of taking Thermogenics include increase heart rate, palpitation, increased blood pressure, and behavioral changes like having a short temper.

 Moods swings are also a common side effects of thermogenic diet pills especially in the withdrawal stages. Same are true with weight loss products that contain high doses of Caffeine.

 Even EPHEDRA Free diet pills are not safe from having side effects.

Popular Thermogenics Diet Pills

Among the thousands of diet pills being sold in the market and the internet, some Thermogenics do stand out like Lipo-6 and Lipo 6 Black.

 Snooki, the actress from the hit TV series Jersey Shore is said to take Zantex-3. Zantex 3 is a fat burner and is rumored to be the reason for the Snooki Weight Loss phenomenon.

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