TREDAPTIVE: Merck to Stop Marketing and Selling This Anti Cholesterol Pill

After negative results and serious side effects as shown in the study called, HPS2  TRIVE,  Merck, the makers of anti cholesterol pill TREDAPTIVE, has announced to stop selling and marketing the drug.

Merck has announced that the study, Heart Protection Study 2- Treatment of HDL to Reduce the Incidence of Vascular Events, which uses Tredaptive does not meet its primary end point.

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This study were done on 25,673 patients who were at high risk of having vascular events such as heart attack and stroke. The study were conducted using a combination of statin and Tredaptive to see if both can give good results if taken together.

Merck stated that after years on research using the said study, the combination of the 2 drugs does not reduce any risk of having coronary deaths, non fatal hearth attacks, and stroke as compared to statin therapy alone. One shocking finding that resulted to the decision of Merck to stop selling Tredaptive is the serious side effects that it may cause when it is taken for long periods of time.

What is Tredaptive?

Tredaptive is a drug manufactured by Merck to help reduce cholesterol. Outside America and Canada, Merck is known as MSD. The drug was made to help reduce LDL and increase the levels of HDL.

The Generic name of TREDAPTIVE is Nicotinic Acid and Laropiprant. Each modified release tablet contains 1000 Mg/20 Mg. Nicotinic Acid, Laropiprant. Tredaptive is prescribed as a once a day drug.

Tredaptive is not available in the United States for its has been denied by the FDA last 2008. However, this cholesterol drug is available in most parts of Europe and the rest of the world. Over 70 countries are selling Tredaptive.

Tredptive is called Cordaptive in  many countries. It is registered as Pelzont in Italy and Trevaclyn in Portugal. The drug has a licence for 4 years in the EU but a final ruling will be given before the end of January 2013 for this cholesterol pill.

Merck to stop making and selling Tredaptive

Merck has announced that they will not be selling Tredaptive anymore because it does not help people lower the risk of Vascular events as compared to statin therapy plus the potential side effects that it may cause if taken for long periods.

Currenty Merck is now working on different agencies to inform doctors about the HPS2- TRIVE study results, the potential side effects of Tredaptive and steps on what to do on patients who are currently on the said anti cholesterol drug.

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