Where Can You BUY QNEXA?

QNEXA is one of the most awaited diet pills to be approved by the US FDA in July 2012. If approved, this will be the first diet pill to be given the go signal to be marketed and sold to the market for more than a decade. With all the hype that Qnexa is getting recently, people now flock the internet to find sites and market places asking, “ Where can you buy QNEXA” and “Where can you buy Generic Qnexa?”.

What is QNEXA?

Qnexa is the newest diet pill waiting an approval from the USFDA. It is manufactured by Vivus Inc, a California based pharmaceutical corporation.

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How Does QNEXA work?

Qnexa is a combination drug and has two active ingredients. Its generic name is Phentermine/Topimarate. Separatly, both drugs has been in the market for many years.

 Phentermine or Adipex is an appetite suppressant drug. Topimarate or Topamax is usually used as an anti-convulsant medicine

 Where Can You Buy QNEXA? Is QNEXA for Sale?

 QNEXA is still under clinical trials, that being said, QNEXA is still NOT for sale. VIVUS Inc, the makers of the Qnexa Diet Pill is still conducting safety trials for Qnexa. Results of this trial among others will then be presented to the US FDA for further analysis and for approval. Many speculates that Qnexa can be given the approval in needs come July 2012.

 Qnexa Generics?

 Many people search the internet to find and to know Where to Buy Qnexa? As stated above, Qnexa is still on clinical trials and is still not for sale.

 Buying Generic Qnexa can harm you. Even though these generic Qnexa contains the active ingredients like those of the original Qnexa, the doses may differ and this can make a lot of difference. You can experience a lot of unwanted side effects from taking these fake Qnexa.

Be advised that it is not safe to buy Generic Qnexa.

What are Qnexa Side effects?

Just like most drugs, Qnexa is not safe from harmful side effects. Some of the Qnexa side effects are the reason why this diet pill is still under clinical trials for safety measures.

One of the serious side effects of Qnexa is that it can affect the baby inside the mother’s womb. Pregnant women are not recommended to take Qnexa for it can lead to the baby having clef chin.

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Other Qnexa side effects includes nausea, headache, dry mouth, insomnia, constipation, diarrhea, fatigue and other minor effects.

Qnexa Dosage: Qnexa FDA Approval

If given the approval of the FDA, Qnexa will be sold at the following dosages:

 As of the latest trials, the full dosage of Qnexa for full strength consists of 15 mg of Phentermine and 92 mg of Topimarate.

Medium Dosage is also on trial. Qnexa dose for medium results are 7.5 mg Phentermine and 46 mg of Topimarate.

Lowest dosage for Qnexa includes 3.75 mg of Phentermine and 23 mg of Topimarate.

How to Lose 5 Pounds in a Week Fast will post updates about the FDA approval of Qnexa and places where you can buy Qnexa once it’s permit is approved.

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