Why am I not Losing Weight?

Many people do regular weight loss but still fail to lose weight. Many stick to so called “Healthy Foods” yet still managed to gain more weight. Many of us wants to lose some those extra body fat by exercising, taking diet pills and such and still end up asking, “Why am I NOT losing weight?”.

The answer to that question is very simple. You are not doing things right. You might be exercising, but doing the exercises in poor form or doing the wrong exercises completely. You might be eating healthy foods, but eating a lot of junk foods on the side. Here are some reasons why you are not losing weight.

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Why am I not Losing Weight?

Eating too much

You probably underestimate the foods that you eat. Even healthy foods such as fruits and veggies have calories, so better check your daily calorie intake. Eat foods in moderation, even if they are considered healthy foods, foe everything in excess can be harmful. You can measure what you are eating by using measuring cups or look for a calorie tracker online.


Expecting results too soon

Losing weight takes time. It is possible to Lose 5 Pounds in a Week, but it takes a combination of weight loss motivation and dedication. Also it will take a lot of will power just to prevent you from gaining back those lost pounds. Just go on with your regular weight loss exercise, and watch what you eat, and you will lose weight in no time at all, all you need is a bit of patience and some hard work.


Too many rewards

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One possible reason why you don’t lose weight is that you over indulge during weekends or holidays. It is nice to have a break from your ordinary routine for some occasions, but it is better not to over do it. It is ok to drink some beer or eat some bits of chocolate but not too much or not too often either.


No need to lose weight

Many people think that they are fat, but in fact they are not. These people believe that the perfect bodies are those like models from magazines and print ads. You should be comfortable with yourself. You can not lose weight, if there is no excess body fat to burn in the first place. If you want to look better, maybe other alternatives other than weight loss that you can do like upgrading your wardrobe or changing your hairstyle.

How to Lose 5 Pounds in a Week Fast suggests eating right and doing weight loss exercises the right way. You can consult some fitness trainers or health professionals in your weight loss project. It is also nice to invite some of your family members or friends to join you in achieving ideal body weight.

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