A Shelter Dog Rescued Me – Let Your Pet Help You To Lose That Weight Fast

You love your dog to bits, and rightly so because dogs are part of the family. But there is one thing often overlook by dog parents and it’s this – your dog can be the key to your weight loss.

Not only are they dear, super lovable, they can help you too in achieving the weight loss that you desired. You have an instant exercise buddy!

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Train with your dog, take an hour each day to walk your dog, or 30 minutes if you are really unfit as of today. Then gradually lengthen the walking time, change your pace from simply walking to brisk walking to jogging to running. Your pet will love you all the more for letting them tag along on your weight loss journey.

While you are achieving the fitness you desire, they too are getting fit and healthier like you!

For inspiration watch this short film of Eric and Peety. A shelter dog rescued this man from himself and his destructive way.

Eric’s doctor has a dire warning, with him being overweight at 340 pounds and diagnosed with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and Type II Diabetes, death will come sooner for him if he won’t change his way. Peety, the overweight shelter dog, came to his rescue and vice versa.

When is the best time to exercise and train with your dog? Whatever works for you since you have to find your own sweet spot, your own routine. But experts have said that morning walk with your pet is the best time so you can help your dog disperse all the pent-up energy stored from last night’s rest. This is also best for you, the buzz you get from the short walk will give you extra energy and clearer mind to face the day.

If your dog nudge you, pull, and whine while you are just lazing in the couch, take him out. Walk with your pet. Your pet can be your motivation to get-up, be active, and be healthier.

The more you do this regularly, the healthier you and your dog will be. And well, shedding the pounds will be a lot of fun with your beloved dog part of each step of your journey. Take it from Eric who now runs marathon after a shelter dog, his beloved Peety, rescued him.

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