BELVIQ Lorcaserin Diet Pill Release Date: Available in July 7, 2013

BELVIQ, the newest diet pill for obese patients will be on sale starting July 7, 2013.

The generic name of Belviq is LORCASERIN and this weight loss pill can soon be available in the US and all its territories.

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Belviq will also be made available in all pharmacies granted the patient has a prescription from his or her doctors.


Belvic Availability: Where can you find a doctor who prescribe Lorcaserin?

Being declared a Schedule IV availability drug, the US FDA has approved the sale of Belviq (Loracerin) in pharmacies.

All licensed medical doctors can prescribe Belviq starting July 7, 2013. Even genral practitioners can prescribe Lorcaserin to their patients. From then, patients with Belviq prescriptions can buy the new diet pill via prescriptions or electronic scripts in their local pharmacies. These presciptions can contain as much as 3 months worth of Belviq.

Lorcaserin will be sold in pill form. The Belviq Diet pill will be prescribed as a twice a day pill.


Belviq Price, Cost of Loracserin per Pill?

There is still no news on how much a tablet of Belviq will cost.

However, based on estimates by some experts, a year on Belviq can cost a patient around, $1,700.

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Since this is a twice a day diet pill, a patient can spend around 4.6o dollars a day or 2.30 dollars per pill.

We will update this pot once the  official Belviq price or cost of treatment are made announced.


Where to buy Belviq Diet Pill ( Lorcaserin) ?

Starting July 7, 2013, the date of Belviqs release date, Loracaserin will be available in most pharmacies in the United States. All you need to buy Loracserin is presciption for this new diet pill.

Unlike Qsymia ( another new diet pill with generic name Phentermine/Topimarate), Belviq is not required by the FDA to limit the distribution of Lorcaserin in select pharmacies that offers door to door delivery system like Walgreens and CVS pharmacy.

Doctors are also not require any special training to prescribe Lorcaserin, thus is it easier to find a docotr near you that can examin your heath condition and can prescribe Belviq depending on your situation.

Since Belviq will be available soon in the US, it is advised patients not to buy Generic Lorcaserin and Cheap Belviq in any online stores.

Belviq will also be available in the US and still will not be sold in any Canadian pharmacy or any drugstores outside the US like Mexico, Brazil, Germany, China, India, Australia and Africa.

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