Do You Have To Exercise To Lose Weight Fast?

I’m sure you know the answer to your question ‘Do You Have to Exercise to Lose Weight’.

But actually want we think is that you are not really asking that question per se because you yourself know the obvious answer to that, rather we think you are seeking support to help you lose weight.  And that is a good thing because interest is one of the effective ways to start you off in your weight loss journey.

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If you are a person who does nothing but sit in your couch all day surfing television channels or surfing online reading up on diet fads and weight loss tips, you are still burning up calories. Yes you read that right, you are still burning up calories. But the calories you burn in a day doing nothing but sit down is so much less than the calories that you would have burn up if only you stood up and do some simple exercise.

Exercises and workouts may seem daunting to you right now but that is normal especially if you are not used to doing exercise on a regular basis. But if you are serious about your intentions and wishes of losing 5 pounds in a week fast then work out and sweating it out should be part of your vocabulary.

Let us get rid you of one exercise misconception that you may have. You do not have to go to a gym and work under the supervision of an exercise instructor to have an effective exercise regimen. You do not even have to buy those expensive exercise equipments like weights and treadmill because walking and running can do the trick at almost no cost to you except for effort and time.

The key is motivation and interest. Help yourself to lose weight fast through exercise.

You can start by walking around your neighborhood then progress to brisk walking and then to running until you find your rhythm. Do this consistently. Make a schedule, if you can do it everyday better but if circumstances will not allow you then try to walk 30 minutes to an hour every weekend. Do not slack off. Do it regularly and make exercise through walking a habit. And later on you will just notice that your original 30 minutes of simple walking exercise have become 2 hours yet you do not feel tired, in fact you feel more invigorated.

Do you need to exercise to lose weight you ask again, the answer is yes; if you are serious in losing weight and if you want to have a fitter and healthier lifestyle then start to exercise and do workout routines.

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