Garcinia Cambogia Extract Weight Loss Supplement and Diet Pill

Everyday, new diet pills and weight loss product hit the market. One such product that promises fast weight loss without dieting or exercise is Garcinia Cambogia extract.

What is Garcinia?

Garcinia or Garcinia Cambogia is an exotic plant that is native to India and South East Asia particularly in Indonesia. The tree produces fruits that is red or yellow when they ripen.

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The Garcinia fruit is a popular ingredient for cooking and also believed to treat common stomach pains and illness.

garcinia cambodia Weight Loss Supplement and Diet Pill

Garcinia for Weight Loss?

In the 60’s, garcinia was discovered to be a great source of hydroxycitric acid or HCA. Most of the HCA are found in the rind of the Carcinia fruit.

Some of the claims and testimonials for Garcinia Extract suppliments includes:

  • ¬† HCA is believed to prevent sugar storage in the body to become fat.
  • Taking Garcinia extract is also belived to break down fat and help produce extra energy for obese people.
  • Garcina Extract users claims that this product curbs their appetite, thus consumeing less amount of food

There are no real trial that clinically shows that Garcinia Extract is really effective for weight loss.

Where to buy Garcinia Extract Diet Pill?

Garcinia Extract weight loss supplements and diet pills are sold in many health stores and online pharmacies.

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Due to lack of evidence for weight loss, Garcinia weight loss supplements are classified as a “Dietary and Nutritional Suppliment” and people can buy this over the counter without any prescriptions.

However, we strongly advise those who want to try this diet supplement to consult with thier doctors first to avoid complications in the future.

How much is Garcinia Extract Supplements?

Online stores sell Garcinia Extracts products from a price range of 15 to 35 Dollars.

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