How to Lose Weight after the the Christmas and New Year Holidays Fast

The Christmas Holidays is one of the best season of the year. Christmas and New Year are celebrated with lots of food and drinks. Almost every household specialties are served during the holidays like ham, pastries, steaks, pasta, roast beef, ribs and a lot more. And don’t forget to pair those food with delectable desserts and surely you’ll get a little bit bigger come the New Year.

It is not bad to eat a little bit more during the Holidays. You just want to watch what you eat or eat smaller portions. But if you gained weight during the Christmas and New Year break and want to shed the extra pounds that you’ve gained during the season, better do these weight lose tips.

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How to Lose Weight after the the Christmas and New Year Holidays Fast

Tips on How to Shed Pounds Gained the Holidays 

  • Make  a realistic New Year’s  Resolution

One of the top New Year’s resolution every year is to lose weight. This is possible, but better make a more realistic goal for this year, thus you can have a better weight loss motivation this year as compared to the past year. Make a regular schedule on when to hit the gym or go for short term goals first so that you can monitor your development and make changes as the months go by.

  • Change Your Diet

The holidays are filled with lots of meals highlighted by meat, steaks and sweet pastries.  This New Year, start eating healthy foods like salad greens, vegetable dishes, fresh fruits and nuts.

  • Drink Lots of Water

One of the best ways to lose weight is by drinking more water. Regular water intake makes you feel full longer and helps clean your system of wastes.

  • Stay away from Alcohol

Beer and other alcoholic drinks are rich in calories.  A can of beer can contain as much as 150 calories while a serving of wine can fetch as much as 85 calories. Instead of drinking these beverage, better follow the tip above or go for unsweetened fruit juice or some green tea to lose weight.

  • Look for a partner

Like we’ve said earlier, many people make losing weight their top New Year’s resolution, thus it is easy to find people like friends and family members to  join you when going to the gym or dining out with you with your salad or healthy sandwich. A healthy competition on how much each of you lost can also be fun.

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