Kickstart: The Mountain Dew Breakfast Drink

So what would be your breakfast drink for the morning, Coffee, Tea, Hot Chocolate, Juice or Mountain Dew?

Say what? yes you’ve heard it right, there is a new Mountain Dew breakfast drink and it is called KICKSTART!!!

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Pepsi Cola, the makers of the Mountain Dew will release this month a drink that can be used as an alternative for the traditional hot drinks and fruit juices for breakfast. Pepsi Cola is targeting the younger generation as the main market for this enw beverage, just like those of the Mountain Dew brand.

They claim that this new beverage is not an energy drink for it contains far less caffeine as compared to leading energy drink brands like Monster and Red Bull.

The Mountain Dew Breakfast drink Kickstart will be having 2 flavors, the “energizing orange citrus” and the “energizing fruit punch”. The drink contains 5% fruit juice and is added with vitamins B and C. Kick start also contains caffeine.

Kickstart will be sold at 16 oz cans later this month.


Kickstart Calorie and Caffeine Content

How much calories does Kickstart have?

First time consumers will definetly look for the nutritional info ofthis new product and wonder how much calories Kickstart have.

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Well, with America’s fight for sugary food and drinks, Kickstart used artificial sweeteners to lower its calorie count at 80 calories. A can or regular soda can have as much as 120 calories.

As stated above, Kickstart also has caffeine in it. Though not labeled as an energy drink, Kickstart contains 92 milligrams of caffeine per can. This is higher than the 72 milligrams of caffeine found in can of the regular Mountain Dew. Just for comparisons sake, a 16 oz cup of coffee in a Starbucks store can have as much as 330 mg of caffeine.

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