SAXENDRA Liraglutide: Injectable Weight Loss Drug

There is a new proven weight loss drug about to reach the market. Its name is SAXENDRA with generic name of LIRAGLUTIDE.

What’s great about this drug is that is has already approved by the US FDA since 2014. If marketed, Saxendra will be the first injectable weight loss drug in the US.

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Liraglutide is similar to the drug to treat type 2 diabetes known as Victoza. But Saxendra must be  used in higher doses in order to attain weight loss.

Novo Nordisk is the maker of Saxendra

How does Saxendra Work?

The weight loss drug mimics the effects of a hormone that works in the gut to signal the brain that you’ve eaten enough and feel full. This will help patients to eat less amounts of food.

Based on clinical studies, Liraglutide works almost as the same as another weight loss drug, the diet pill Qsymia. But like all weight loss drug, diet and regular exercise are needed to achieve full results.

Saxendra Advantage

Saxendra can be used in women even in their child bearing years. There is no studies for Saxendra being used in pregnant women.

What are Saxendra Side Effects

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  • nausea
  • diarrhea
  • gall bladder abnormalities
  • pancreatitis

Saxendra Weight Loss Results

Studies shows that Liraglutide patients who took the drug for 56 weeks lost an average of 12 pounds. 3,731 patients were used in the study where a part were given placebo and the other part were given Saxendra.

How much is Saxendra?

The cost of Saxendra monthly treatment could reach up to 1,068 US Dollars. Price can be affected by the type of insurance the patient is currently enrolled with.

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