Belviq Diet Pill in the UK: Arena Pharmaceuticals applied for approval in Britain

The diet pill Belviq is now applying for an approval in Britain. If given the green signal, it can hit the shelves in UK this year.

The generic name of Belvic is Lorcaserin. This is a new drug that acts on the brain to curb appetite. This is the first drug in more than a decade to get a license from the US FDA. High hopes for the approval of Belviq in Britain and the rest of Europe  is high because of this fact. Arena Pharmaceuticals is the makers of Belvic diet pill.

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Effects of Belviq

Belvic or Larcaserin acts on the brain and has an effect on the production of Seratonin. Seratonin gives a person a sense of fullness.

Belviq Weight Loss Results

Based on clinical studies, Belviq can help a patient lose about 5% of their body weight in a span of 1 year., however, 20% of the patients however lost around 10% BMI.

What is Belviq

Belvic is one of the newest drugs to combat obesity. It was approved by the FDA last June 2012. Belvic or Lorcaserin is twice a day diet pill as compared to its possible competitor Qsymia.

Belviq in the UK

Belviq is now trying to get an approval in Great Britain. Possible approval an lead to availability or easier approval from other European countries like  Germany, France, Spain, Italy and the rest of Europe.

Belviq for children

Belviq is only indicated for adult obese patients. It should not be taken by minors or children.

With some trend that medicines in England should have formulation for children, many people think that there would be some Belviq preparation that might resemble syrups or chewable tablets for kids.

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Unfortunetly, there are no studies saying that Belviq has done  research on minors or their possible effects on children. Even its effects and possible side effects are stilin question, so having Belviq for kids is in the mean time out of the question.

Belviq should first show positive effects on weight loss and its safety profile should be outstanding before the makers should think about testing Lorcaserin for kids.

The notion of having a diet pill for kids is plausible. There are reports that about a third of 11 year old kids now are overweight and that could lead to obesity or serious complications in the future.

Where to buy Belviq in the UK

Currently Belviq is still not available in the UK. It even is still not for sale in the USA or any online pharmacies. There are speculation that it would become available in the first quarter of 2013, right on the heels of Qsymia which has been launched and now being sold in America since lastpart of 2012.

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