Best Tips on How To Lose Weight

How can I lose Weight? That is probably the most popular question in the internet. But what people don’t know is you can lose weight fast and easy by just doing simple things, without doing to much exercise routines or participating on complex weight loss diet plans. All you need is a strong determination to lose those unwanted pounds around your waist, and you’ll notice a slimmer and healthier you in no time at all.

Healthy Ways to Help You Lose Fats Fast 

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1. Eat good tasting but low calorie foods like:

  • Lobster – 83 calories in 3 ounces
  • Smoked Salmon – 66 calories in 2 ounces
  • Shrimp- only 60 calories for a dozen big pieces
  • Whipped Cream – great for fruit salads, for it only has 8 calories per teaspoon

These foods are so tasty you can easy curb your cravings for fatty, salty and high calorie foods. Other foods to help you lose weight are eggs, apples, and almonds. Munch on these healthy foods and you can lose 5 pounds fast and easy.

2. Drink lots of Water

Water can help you lose weight fast. Drink a cup of water before a meal and you will fill full easier, thus consuming less food. Water also has no calories making it the best drink for the whole day. Avoid drinking to much soda and sweetened fruit juice. Drink 8 cups of water or more per day.

3. Buy a PEDOMETER, and walk your way to a slimmer body.

On average, people walk around 3000 walks in a day. Adding 2000 more will help you maintain your current weight and adding 1000 steps or more could help you lose weight easily. Brisk walking for 45 minutes a day would be great.

4. Eat 5 to 6 small meals per day compared to 3 big meals per day

Studies shows that eating small amounts in regular intervals can help you consume 30 percent less calories than eating 3 full meals a day. The reason for it is your controlling your body to produce less amounts of insulin, thus keeping blood sugar levels normal and hunger is controlled.

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5. Color your world Blue

The color blue is an appetite suppressant. No wonder very few restaurants have a blue motif. Buy blue plates, table covers, and tablecloths. Avoid having red, yellow or orange in your table for these colors can help you build an appetite.

Try out these tips and start a healthy lifestyle and you’ll lose those unwanted fats for good.

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