Natural Fat Burners: Food that Burns Fat and Helps You Lose Weight Fast

Diet and Exercise are the 2 most popular ways to lose weight. Exercise helps you to burn stored fat as well as burn extra calories. It also helps you strengthen and  tone your muscles like your abs, arms and thighs making you look and feel great. Dieting on the other hand helps you live healthier by avoiding […]

TREDAPTIVE: Merck to Stop Marketing and Selling This Anti Cholesterol Pill

After negative results and serious side effects as shown in the study called, HPS2  TRIVE,  Merck, the makers of anti cholesterol pill TREDAPTIVE, has announced to stop selling and marketing the drug. Merck has announced that the study, Heart Protection Study 2- Treatment of HDL to Reduce the Incidence of Vascular Events, which uses Tredaptive does not meet its […]

PEPSI SPECIAL: Diet Soda with Fat Blocking Properties

Pepsi Cola Japan will lunch Tuesday, November 13, their latest product, Pepsi Special. Pepsi Special is believed to help people maintain or lose weight. Yes, you’ve heard it right. You can now lose weight by drinking sodas. Gone are the days that colas and sodas are some of the top drinks to avoid when you […]

Drinks to Help You Lose Weight Fast!!!

Water diet is one of the most popular weight loss diets ever. People tend to drink a cup of water or two before each meal to help them feel full and eat less food. Aside from water, many people drink fruit juices. Fruit juice contains many vitamins and minerals that can help you stay healthy. […]

Raspberry Ketone Weight Loss Supplement: Where to Buy RK Diet Pill?

Raspberry Ketone is one of the latest and most popular new weight loss supplements in the market. Raspberry Ketones or RK made its way to popular media by being featured in the program of Dr. Oz. Now there are dozens of Raspberry Ketone diet pills and weight loss supplements in the market promoting safe weight loss […]