Does Drinking Water Burn Calories?

Drinking water can help you to lose weight fast because, if you will take a glass of water before a meal, you will fill full, thus it will lessen your intake of too much calories and fat laden foods. Drinking water also helps to speed up your metabolism. The faster the metabolism, the more calories you burn. Together with a healthy diet, proper exercise, drinking water can really make you lose weight fast.

In What Ways Does Water Burn Calories?

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Based on some studies, drinking water increased the metabolism rate. Several experts relate the burning of fat laden calories maybe due to the heat released by fat in the whole body as water reached the abdominal area after you drink it. They say that drinking a pint of water can burn 25 calories. Probably this fact will not satisfy you since you only burned 25 calories. However, if in one day you will drink 6 pints of water, this will mean you will also burn 150 extra calories. Then, if you will continue to do this for 1 week, you will lose 1,050 fat laden calories.

Drinking water can help you lose 5 Lbs in a week. Drinking 8 glasses of water is needed for the normal functioning of the body, especially to eliminate waste and other by products. By adding 3 more glasses per day, say 1 cup of water before every meal, you can lose weight fast and easy.

The reason behind it is you’re stomach will be filled with water, thus making you fill full and you will consume less food, especially food rich in fat and calories. Water is also the best drink, for it contains no calories and fat unlike most fruit juices and dairy products.

To make yourself lose weight fast, drink 1-2 glasses  water before eating your meals. This will decrease your need to eat more of those calorie and fat laden foods.  Also, don’t forget to include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet because these contain less calories.

Also drink lots of water during your work outs and weight loss exercise. Water will re-hydrate your body, allowing your muscles to perform better, making you do effective work outs and away from injuries.

So can drinking water help you lose weight?

Yes, drinking water can help you lose weight. If combined with a healthy diet, and proper exercise, you can lose 5 Lbs on a week, the healthy way.

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