How to Lose Weight After Giving Birth

Ever wonder how Hollywood celebrity moms lose weight fast just weeks after giving birth? The answer to that question is probably a combination of personal trainers, personal chefs, dieticians and nutritionist and diet pills when put together will cost a fortune.

Post partum weight loss has been a problem of new moms ever since, and news about celebrity moms losing weight fast made the problem even worse. There is nothing wrong on gaining weight especially during and after pregnancy. Celebrity moms that lost weight fast is just a hype caused by showbiz television shows and magazines that knows nothing about pregnancy and giving birth. So it’s better for new moms to stop comparing themselves with those celebrities and get over with their post partum weigh loss problem. Going on a crash diet and extensive weight loss exercises can be bad not only for new moms but also for the baby, especially if the mom is breast feeding.

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But if you want to regain your figure and lose some pounds after giving birth, eating right and exercise would be a key to your dilemma. Below are some healthy ways new moms should consider if they want to lose some weight after giving birth.

Tips to Lose Weight after Pregnancy

  • Have a Healthy Diet

Have a healthy diet comprised with lots of vegetables and fruits. Moms should not starve themselves in order to lose weight. For proper nutrition is needed especially for breast feeding moms. A breast feeding mom should consume 2000 to 2500 calories a day.

  • Play with our baby

Playing and taking care of you baby can help you burn calories as well. You might get a few minutes of exercise by carrying your baby in your arms, or might have a good leg and thigh exercise while strolling around the park with your baby on tow.

  • Join Mom and Baby Exercise Class

Get into an exercise class for you and your baby. This will enable you do some exercise as well as exercise your baby’s developing muscles. It is a great way for bonding as well as acquiring new friends.

  • Stay active

You can do some basic exercises while your baby is asleep. Do some cardio exercises such as jogging, jump rope and some strengthening exercises as well to shape up your body back to it’s former shape.

  • Have plenty of rest

Having plenty of rest saves you a lot of energy needed for important activities such as taking care of the baby. It also recharges your body, keeping you fresh and not feeling grumpy or irritated.

Keeping your self busy by taking care of your baby, plus a healthy lifestyle can help you lose weight after giving birth. It may not help you lose 5 Lbs in a week, but it will eventually help you regain your old figure the safe and healthy way.

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