PRENDS MOI Perfume: BUY the first Weight Loss Perfume in the World

Prends-moi Parfum de Minceur is the first weight loss perfume in the world. It is manufactured by a French perfume house called Robertet and is part of the Veld’s collection.

Prends-moi fragrance concept was based on aromatherapeuitic and neurocosmetic research findings that can help women slim with pleasure.

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About 75% of women who tried the Prends-moi perfume said that they wanted to take less snacks while 73% of them said that they felt happy after spraying on this weight loss perfume.


What is Prends-moi?

Prends-moi is said to be the first weight loss perfume in the world. It contains active ingredients that trigger the release of B-endorphins in the skin. These endorphins are used to send signals to the brain that can lead to feeling satisfied, happy and the feeling to eat less.


What does Prends Moi mean in English?

If translated, the French word Prends Moi simply means “Take Me” in English. Guess, Veld’s really want people to take and BUY Prends Moi.


How does Prends-moi smell?

The makers of Prends-moi said that the scent of Prends-moi is somewhat like a combination of grapefruit, bergamot and mandarin. It creates a fresh ambiance and you can also catch some scent of jasmine, lilac and ylang-ylang.


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What’s inside Prends-moi? :

Aside from the active ingredients that trigger the endorphins in the skin, Prends-moi also contains a “Slimming Complex” that is made up of Caffeine, Carnitine and Spirulina extract. These active ingredients show good effects on burning fat in the past.


Prends-moi Weight Loss results

For those who have doubts about this product, a study was conducted by BIO-EC on women aged 18 to 70 and see if there are really some truth about Prends-moi’s weight loss claims. Here are the results:

  • 70% wanted to snack less
  • 82% said they felt some comfort after applying the weight loss perfume
  • 70% felt a greater sense of well being and
  • 70% wanted to change to a healthier way of eating


How to Use Prends-moi?

Prends-moi can be used in the morning and you can apply this perfume whenever some cravings for snaking arise.

You can also apply this thinning pefume on problem spots like your belly or thighs and you can see good results.


Where to BUY Prends-moi?

Prends-moi can be bought in selected perfume stores. You can look for an authorized shop by Velds or other online perfume shop.

There is a high demand for this weight loss perfume right now and it is said that more than 5,000 persons are on the waiting list. This perfume is still not available in department stores and leading perfume shops because of the high demand and limited stocks.


What is the Price of Prends-moi?

The cost of Prends-moi perfume is pegged at £ 29.99 in the UK , France and other countries in Europe. In the US and Canada, the price of Prends-moi can be around $50 per bottle.


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