SCARSDALE DIET: 14 day Diet Plan for Weight Loss

The Scarsdale Medical Diet or more popularly known as The Scarsdale Diet is a Low fat, Low calorie diet. The diet was named after the town of Scarsdale, New York. The Scarsdale Medical Diet was invented by Scarsdale physician, Doctor Herman Tarnower and his co-author Sam Sinclair Baker. Their book is the best selling weigh loss diet book called “The Complete Scarsdale Medical Diet plus Dr. Tarnower’s Lifetime Keep Slim Program”.

Herman Tarnower was an established Cardiologist in theScarsdaleandWhite Plainsarea ofNew York. Some of his friends told him that he should write a book regarding what he thinks should be the best diet for his patients.

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During his time, Tarnower made the Scarsdale Diet out of the basic nutritional facts of weight loss that is based on eating less carbohydrates, eat lots of oily fish, lean meats and vegetables. Tarnower also suggests eating foods rich in sugar and salt.

His book, “The Complete Scarsdale Medical Diet plus Dr. Tarnower’s Lifetime Keep Slim Program”, was published in 1978 and became an instant best seller. The success of his book made the Scarsdale Diet the most popular weight loss diet of all time, even more popular than that of the Atkins Diet or the French Cohen Diet.

What is the Scarsdale Diet?

The Scarsdale Diet promises people that they can lose up to 20 pounds in 2 weeks. The Scarsdale medical diet follows a strict diet for 14 days, and then followed by another 14 days of a diet that allows eating more types of foods.

In the Scarsdale Diet, a grapefruit is advised to be consumed in the morning to provide the needed enzymes to burn fat in the 700 calorie diet per day. Sugar is not allowed in the Scarsdale Diet, but artificial sweeteners can be used as substitute.

The logic behind the Scarsdale Diet is by losing weight by limiting the amounts of carbohydrates and fats from your normal diet. There are limited options of carbohydrate sources in the Scarsdale Diet, and mainly in comes from whole grain sources.

Is Scarsdale Diet Healthy?

The Scarsdale Diet is best left to adults who want to lose weight as fast as 2 weeks nut does not need any immediate medical attention or special dietary needs. Taking snacks during the 14 dayScarsdalediet is not allowed. Some herbal appetite suppressants such as Hoodia on the other hand is permitted in the Scarsdale diet.

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Drinking alcoholic drinks are also not allowed in the Scarsdale Medical Diet. If you feel hungry between meals, you are free to eat carrots or celery as much as you want.

Water is the most favorable beverage in the Scarsdale Diet. Other beverages allowed in the Scarsdale Medical diets are coffee, tea, club soda, and diet sodas. During the past years, many people had improvised and make some recipes that pass the approval of the Scarsdale Medical diet. These new Scarsdale Diet recipes made the weight loss diet more tolerable for many people.

Many critics however tell that the Scarsdale medical Diet is Not Healthy. They say that the Scarsdale Diet, though effective in helping people lose weight in 14 days, is not healthy and borders on the extreme. Some says the diet was effective mainly due to water loss in the body.

Many people who tried the diet however give positive testaments towards the Scarsdale Diet.

How to Lose 5 Pounds in a Week Fast strongly suggest that you should consult first your doctors before undertaking weight loss diets such as the Scarsdale Diet, Atkins Diet, French Cohen Diet and the likes. Changing your diet in extreme cases can cause you harm so it is best to consult your doctors first

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