Best Gluteus Maximus Exercises for Shaped Butts and Toned Thighs!

Try doing these 4 great Gluteus Maximus Exercises to have great looking butts in no time. In order to have shaped butts, you need to develop muscles in your butt. Doing these exercises will definitely burn all your fats in the thigh and butt area. Have the proper motivation for weight loss and exercise and you’ll be showing of your fit and well rounded gluteus maximus for every one to envy.

Based on studies the best Gluteus Maximus Exercises are: Quadruped Hip Extensions, Step Ups, Lunges and the Four Way Hip Extensions. Combine these four butt exercises with some dumbbell exercises for best results and a more complete Butt and Body work out.

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Best Glute Exercises

Quadruped Hip Extensions

–         On your hands and knees, contract your abdominals to stabilize your spine and torso. Lift one leg up, and keep the knee on a 90 degree angle.

–         Raise the leg until it is aligned with the body and the bottom of the foot is pointing upwards.

–         Repeat for up to 12 times

–         Do the same with the other leg

Step Ups

–         Stand behind a step or a sturdy box approx. 15 inches in height. Hold a dumbbell in both hands

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–         Place your left foot on the stand and transfer all your weight to the foot.

–         Push down with your left foot, straighten your leg and come up on top of the box or step.

–         Use the left leg only

–         Repeat exercise for 12 repetitions

–         Do the same routine with your right leg


–         Stand properly with both hands holding a dumbbell

–         Step forward using your right foot

–         Bend your left knee towards the floor

–         Push your left leg up to go back to the starting position

–         Do the exercise for 12 repetitions

–         Change to your right leg and do the same routine

Four Way Hip Extensions

–         Stand straight and hold firmly the bar of the exercise machine. The resistance pad should be placed at the knee on the backside of the leg being used for exercise.

–         Move your thigh to the rear until your hip is extended backward

–         Repeat for 12 repetitions and change sides

Having shaped and toned legs, thighs and of course Gluteus Maximus or Butts are some of the popular motivation for weight loss and exercise. Combine it with a healthy lifestyle and a healthy diet, you can Lose 5 Pounds in a Week, or even more.

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