BURPEES: Complete Body Workout for Weight Loss

Burpees or Burpee is an exercise that sounds funny but is proven to give you a tough body workout. This complete body workout has been proven to toughen and strengthen up people from the army as well as football players and other athletes.

Burpees work a lot of muscle groups. If you want to exercise your Ab muscles as well as your legs, thighs, arms and shoulders with just one exercise, then the Burpee exercise is for you.

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The Burpee exercise is also known as the Squat Thrust. This is one of the best exercises for the whole body. The Burpees can be done by almost everyone. This weight loss exercises also does not need any gym equipment, sport shoes and other paraphernalia. This is also one of the best exercise you can do in your home or bedroom.

Burpees is a good strengthening and conditioning exercise. It is also a good basic exercise for weight loss. All you need to do is to go and repeat 4 basic steps, hence the former name of this exercise, “The Four Way Count Burpee”.


How to do the Burpee Execise?

Here are the basic steps in order to perform the right Burpee Exercise.

  1. Start with the Standing Position, with arms at your sides, feet apart.
  2. Go down in a Squat Position with your hands on the ground.
  3. Extend your feet back using a quick movement to go to the Front Plank Position.
  4. Go back to the Squat Position using another quick motion.
  5. Go back to your original standing position.

See? Burpees is very easy to do, but it can be very challenging if done in a number of repetitions or sets. Do it in a 10 reps for 3 sets and you’ll really feel the burn. It can also help you burn a lot of calories and a lot of body fat from different parts of your body like your stomach, arms and inner thigh.


Who invented the Burpees?

The man behind the Burpees exercise is American Psychologist, Royal H. Burpee.  The purpose of inventing the Burpee exercise is to determine one’s strength, agility and coordination. Royal H. Burpee also published a book about the Burpee exercise called “Seven Quickly Administered Test of Physical Activity”.

The Burpee exercise and fitness workout become popular when it was integrated in the fitness regimen of the US Armed Forces as a part of their recruitment process during the World War II era.

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Different versions of the Burpees

For best results, you can also integrate some of the Burpee variants such as Burpee Push Up, Jump over Burpee, Dumb Bell Burpees, Double Burpees, and the Military 8 Count Body Builder.


Health Benefits of the Burpee Exercise

The Burpees or Burpee exercise is designed to improve one’s strength, stamina, agility and coordination.

There are a lot of health benefits you’ll get when you do the Burpee exercise. For one you’ll live healthier. You’ll have toned and strong thighs, arms and legs. The Burpee is also good for those who want to have a flat stomach fast.

Burpees is also a good weight loss exercise. Based on studies, the Burpee exercise burns 50% more body fat than your conventional strengthening exercises. So if you want to burn body fat fast, do the Burpees. Burpee also helps your body burn more calories by speeding up your body’s metabolism.


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