Can You Lose Weight By Starving Yourself?

Can you lose weight by starving yourself? The Answer, YES, you can lose weight by starving.  In short periods, starving can cause you to lose weight. But in the long run, starving could lead you to more weight. Starving can cause cravings, and if left unchecked, you will end up consuming more fatty and salty foods, leaving you heavier and fatter.

Starving to lose weight is unhealthy. We even don’t recommend it to you, our valued readers. When you starve, the body gets its fuel for energy from muscles and not from fat reserves in the body.  By starving, your body will not be getting enough nutrients to carry the usual activities of daily living. The weight loss is not worth compared to the health problems you may get into.

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Do not starve yourself to lose weight. Don’t go to any crash diets either. There are healthier alternatives in order to lose weight fast.

Here are some tips if you wanted to lose weight fast:

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables.  Eat less food rich in carbohydrate and fat. Consume more foods rich in fiber. Drink 1-2 glasses of water before eating.
  • Do some exercise for 30 minutes three times a week. Brisk walking, jogging, swimming or engaging in sports like tennis or bicycling will help you lose weight. Try to do some dancing when you tune up to your favorite music.  Exercise will also tone your muscle. When you have more muscles, you will burn more calories.
  • Avoid starving yourself. Eat small frequent meals instead of eating one big meal. Use small plates to give you the visual signal that you have eaten enough.
  • Drink more water, probably 2- 3 liters a day beside from the liquids you are consuming. Try unsweetened fruit juice such as grapefruits or a cold glass of water with a slice of lemon.
  • Be active. The calories from the food you eat need to be burn and use as fuel or else it will be stored as excess weight in your body. Use stairs rather than using the elevator or escalator. Even cleaning the house or gardening will help you lose weight.
  • Don’t keep unhealthy foods at home such as chocolates, fries, potato chips that are laden with fats and calories to avoid the temptation to eat them.

Losing weight is not a problem when you do the above health tips. You also need to be patient since weight loss is not an overnight affair but rather a lifestyle endeavor.

So, can you lose weight by starving yourself? Yes, you may, but chances are you will gain back those lost pounds.  You may even encounter serious health problems along the way. Don’t starve yourselves, rather eat healthy foods and exercise regularly to lose unwanted pounds.

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