Effects of African Mango Supplements and Weight Loss

African Mango is the new trend in weight loss supplements. African Mango supplements are now available anywhere from health shops to the internet.

Some studies shows that taking African Mango supplements, without any change of diets or exercise, can help you lose 7 pounds in just one month. Yes, lose 7 Lbs in a month without changing diets or extreme exercise.

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Another study published in Lipids in Health and Disease, shows that people who take African Mango supplements for 28 days lost an average of 8.9 pounds. The volunteers also lost an average of 2.4 inches on their waistline and 1.8 inches from their hips.

Other Health Benefits of African Mango are: Reduced levels of LDL cholesterol, Lowering triglyceride levels, Lowering Glucose Levels.

The African Mango or Bush Mango is a plant native to the African nation of Cameroon. For generations, people from Cameroon have used the extract from the African Mango seed or Irvingia Gabonensis to treat infections, lowering blood sugar levels and fighting obesity.

What are the Effects of African Mango?

Research shows that the African Mango extracts may somehow effect the production of body fats and some enzymes that can help achieve faster metabolism. Combining African Mango supplements, a healthy diet and regular exercise yields very promising results.

African Mango helps you have a faster metabolism, thus help you burn more fat and lose more weight. It is also good for the health for it can reduce the levels of bad cholesterol up to 38%. African Mango is safe to use for it contains no stimulants.

African Mango supplements are supposed to be taken 3 times a day, 30 minutes before a meal.

Due to the popularity of the African Mango supplements, many fake or sub standard African Mango products came out in the market. Caution is given to those who want to try out this new weight loss break trough. Only buy African Mango supplements from credible sellers and online shops. Buy only the trusted brands and is approved by the US FDA and avoid African Mango extract scams.

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A good African Mango supplement should have at least 1,050 mg of Irvinga. Look also for more studies conducted by the brand before buying and trying out for your selves.

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